Extacy changed me forever. The first time I did Extacy I was like 17 and it was great. Just a little house party with a hand full of people all on it also. The next time I did it I was at a rave and I also candiflipped or dosed some acid along with the extacy. It was wonderful. From then I was gone, every weekend I would consume almost an average of 10 pills. I noticed I started becomeing more feminate. I blame the fact that today I am sexually bisexual. Its been 8 years since the first time I tried the drug Extacy. Eventhough Im doing good now, I still will slip and if I can't find Extacy, I'll do Crystal Meth since it is much easier to find. When I do either drug I find myself in some sort of sexual situation. Last time I did it I found myself in an orgy with the same sex.