For my 16th birthday, my friend convinced me to try X. so without thinking anything of it, i did. that same night, i cheated on my boyfriend, pretty much told me dad to f*** off, and almost made one of the worst mistakes of my life; had sex with a good friend. it sounds like it would have deterred me from ever doing it again, but alas i did do it several more times. until just one day i realized that this was not where i wanted to be in 5 years. i didn't want to have all these drugged up friends who only thought about where their next score was coming from. i still enjoy raving, even though I have never been to a club (too young and none in my town), but i can't ever forsee a situation in which i will take X again. i think everyone should try things at least once in their life. just know your limits is all i want to say.