Acid is dangerous The first time i took acid it fukt with my head hardcore, everyone sed i was having a bad trip but it was just shit. I was hellll confused i had no idea wat was going on. i felt wrong everything felt fukt i didn't understand the drug at all and didn't speak a word and i was scared, i was seeing shit chase me that wasn;t there, it scared the fuk out of me i h8ed it! the second time i took acid tho was another storythat was the best! it always depends on what mood ur in and where u r and who u are around! just remember some people can rearange ur mind whilst ur on drugs! and it isn't always the "best" expierence but im just glad ive expierenced the other world thats out there! this placfe is full of some insane shit! so look after urselfs people! GO HARD OOR GO HOME haha :P