Ecstasy. there is no word for this pill other than it's name. I am not addicted but I'm in love with this little pill. I've only done it twice. My first roll was the best. My friends got a hotel and had some party and my friend popped a pill with me, we each had one. armanis. the rest of the night was amazing. I was so happy to be alive, just to fucking be laying there and my arms felt like they were melting into the furniture and my eyeballs were watering to nothing when air came across them. Just describing the experience makes me feel amazing. I felt like I was the only sane person in the entire room of poeple. Life was so clear and everything was so perfect. My best friend was having a hard come down off something else in the bathroom and I had the most honest discussion with her that I'd ever had. I felt like everything was so clear and I knew everything in the whole fucking world. My next experience was about two weeks later with this guy from my work. He was pretty cool and said he could get some. I was kind of worried that it woudln't live up to the first experience. I don't remember what they were, oh yeah, chillis. but anyway my roll took about an hour too start even though I chugged Oj and hadn't eaten all day. The lights were off and we were listening to techno and dancing under black light. I sat on his bed and talked to a giant bob marley poster for about an hour, afterwards he came into the room and I told him my life story I think. we chewed straws and I remember that the flannel pants I were wearing had the best feeling in the world. It's been a few days now but even thinking about it I can clench my fists and almost feel the effects and my jaw is still sore but I love it.