Extacy changed me. I started smoking marajuana heavily when I was sixteen and I guess I began that because I was a little sad about a breakup and thought it would help me relax a little. Well, after a few months I got bored of smoking several grams of weed a day and decided to try cocaine. Cocaine was amazing but (in this present days, Coke is bad, I will never do it again) Anyways, once the summer started I tried extacy and fell in love with it. It made me talkative, happy, and loving of everyone. Because after smoking marajuana heavily for some time I was diagnosed with severe depression, had trouble talking to people, didn't have many friends, I just wasn't a very happy person..

All summer I did X noticing some adverse effects and then when the school year started up again my family found out and I decided the effects were too mcuh and I needed to stop. In a couple weeks a few friends and I are going to venture into the love of X again and go to a club. Although I cannot wait to feel the feelings again I have to admit I am a bit scared. What if its different? What if I have a bad trip? (I've never experienced a bad high before) and what if something happens?

Wish me well, and I wish all you well