Realit on e... I first tried e my sophmore year. at first i said no b/c thats what i told myself i would say to that, but then i couldnt resist what every 1 was tellin me. so i tried it , then i couldnt wait till the next time, and the next time...etc it was fun for a while but then u just try to top the last time and u get addicted. dont get me wrong this shit is fun i thought i reached heaven foe a second there. But if u have a bad trip u can kiss ur emotional intelligence good bye b/c u have no control ur owned. i once thought somebody was having sex while talking to me on the phone, now if thats not insane... e did that to me i had a bad trip. just be smart about it dont m,ake it a habit. yea right good luck with that ... peace. remember God loves you!