My 1st ex experience was perfect and completely unexpected. I was sitting at home at my apartment and my friend called and asked if i wanted to come hang out with him and his roommates so of course i said yes. When i got there he asked me into his room as asked me if i would like to try ex. I was very hesitant at first, but i eventually gave in. there were about 6 of us there and we all took them at the same time.. well me being inexperienced, i simply swallowed it. After over an hour passed and i felt no effect, I told my friends i felt nothing, not 3 minutes later one of them came back with an extra pill. crushed it and told me to lick my finger and touch the pill and rub it under my tongue. It was the nastiest taste ever but soon relief came in the shape of a chewable orange vitamin C caplet. Not 15 minutes later.. i was rollin. It was fabulous. I danced for hours with my friend's roommates and then talked for a few more.. i remember they gave me an 'under armor' shirt that had just came out of the washing machine.. slightly damp and told me to put it on.. it was the best feeling ever. I couldn't stop touching my stomach.. the fabric was unbelievable.. i just wanted to spread love to everything. i wanted everyone to feel like this. (I am shaking just thinking of this night)I remember that "a" was asking me a bunch of questions about me.. which i was more that willing to answer, plus more.. haha. and everytime i answered a question. "a" looked at his roommate "d" and said "y'all are just the same" it was amazing i spent most of that 20 questions game rubbing my fingers thru "d"'s hair.. it felt orgasmic to him, i guess:) Next thing i new it was daylight. I took 'd' to class and then took a shower. The shower seemed to give the pill one last high.. that lasted a little while longer. the same thing happed to 'd' he told me later after he got out of class. Me and "d" we inseperable for the whole next week.. talking and hanging out. the following week did it again. It wasn't quit as intense as the first time.. but then again i didn't take as much or give it what it needed (music and atmosphere) That night 'd' asked me to be his girlfriend. We have been together since. (now if that isn't a story to tell your kids on "how your parents met" i don't know what is! hahaha! we haven't done it since but plan to very soon:)