Holy shit X is the fuckin shit!!!i tried it for the first time last friday and i was rollin so hard it was fuckin great...it felt so good i was cryin and rockin back and forth it was so fuckin great. when i was at my peak i was so horny i thought my boner was goin to pop it was so hard and then i just got scared shitless. i was huggin my girlfriend and a carebear ALL NIGHT!!i started to overheat so they put me in the ice box and... A BIT OF ADVICE DO NOT DRINK WATER BECUZ UR BRAIN WILL SWELL UP!!!drink oj to keep ur roll for alot longer.i am so ready for my next roll which will be in 3 days omg...I STRONGLY RECOMEND blue puppy dogs. they are triple stacked and the picture is really hard to make out but yea.