i had a nasty experince with shrooms i took two portions one were mexican truffles and the other was amazionan . i had an empty gut at the time and dat didnt help. after i took them i waited for about a hour before they kicked in me and my mate went into the spare room to smoke a joint . i was starting to really feel the buzz at this stage . so we finished the joint really quick and made another . when i finished the second joint i started to feel really tyred and i closed my eyes for a little bit next of all i felt really dissy so i said to my mate lets go upstairs i dont feel well ! and this is were the shit hit the fan i went to get a drink from the fridge and when i shut the door it sounded like the door had shut about ten times it ecoed in my head and after that i smacked my shoulder off the side of the fridje and i nearly fell. i felt like a zombie at this stage and i hadent a clue what was going on then i walked out into my hall and sat on the radiater. i blacked out but as i was falling i bumbed my head of the banisters on the stairs. it was really weird because when i hit my head it felf as if i was falling for ages and it fealt like i hit my head about 10 times . when i woke up every thing was red .....i mean i was sprawled out on my arse n everything was red n i thounht i was in a dream and i kept tryin to snap out of the trip but i wasent happening amd then i started to freak because i had horrible pains in my gut i was shitting my self because i had no idea wat the fuck was happening to me and i was tryin my best to stay calm but the anxiety took over i was paroinrd to bits n this was my first bad trip so i had no idea wat was gonna come out of it i was in bits so il never take shrooms again fuck that il keep to me weed thank you very much !!!