the next thing you know you'll be doing blow til your nose bleeds. they both feel great but totally different ways...most people love the act snorting but you gotta keep doing it to stay high but then when you're too high you're totally cracked-out! the come down sucks!!
well we all know how euphoric x is...the tidal waves of l.o.v.e. but when the high starts to wear off that sucks too! don't keep doing it cause you might me stuck alone totally ripped or mayber with one other person that high wears off far to fast casue everyone else was smart enough to chill out and save the rest for another rainy day.
trust me i know from experience...i saw tracers and my ears were ringing and when i had to go pee the stream was never ending and the color was colorless and when your stomache hurts sooo much of hunger pain that you have to force yourself to eat even though it taste like you'll be sorry when you o.d!! i never did o.d but i truly believe i was in harms way! did i mention blacking out,well feeling light headed. i took 4 pills over a duration of 12 hrs. i was up for 24 hrs. i went to work...went to my friends house...had a few drinks...rolled to the club...popped one and a half pills...went to an after hours party where it all begun.

then funny thing is i havn't popped or done blow for years now. i'm 24 and when i was 20 and 21 i felt like i was god! now i'm suffering from depression and all i can think about is what the hell was i thinking! it all fucks you in the end!