What is a persons thoughts governed by? Is it ones premonition, or is it a conscience. Is a persons actions controlled by past events that have effected that person. Could it be that all ideas are simple, and just explained in a complex way. Why do we do what we do and not do what should be done? No one knows the answer to the questions why and how. So don't be fooled when you are told why things are the way they are, because no one will ever know why they are. Just assume everything is a lie until they are proven through not only reality but also faith. Learn what is right and wrong to yourself before you try to understand what is right or wrong to someone else. Just live life the way you want to live it and don't be fooled by the way others live their lives. Never let yourself be controlled by a society ruled by lies and governed by laws. Because no one knows what is really right or wrong.


If you're a romantic realist like me, you would believe that thoughts are formed and reformed through biophysical reactions to ones environment and the residue of synaptic restructurings, better known as memory. Simply put, thoughts are equal and opposite reactions to everything else.

As far as knowing right from wrong, sure I know which is which. Whatever hurts is wrong whatever feels good is right. That's the most basic instinct that we don't really even have to learn from others to survive. But we've even managed to bastardise, merchandise and regulate this, the most primal human instinct. I say, damn the governments and damn the churches... FULL SPEED AHEAD!!!


I love it, no one is going to live your life for you, only you are and you should make your own decissions even if they are wrong, at least you learn from them and they make you stronger as life goes on, society will always have something to say about you even if you try to be perfect. live your own life and screw everyone else, be unique and be yourself not what society wants you to be....

Johanne Espinoza

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It isn't often that a mere human has an oppurtunity to tap into the greater depths of consciousness present during that one shining moment at the rave where, metaphysically, all become one... It is why I do it and it is why I constantly work to bring people I love into the scene... What we have here is pure life, unadulterated and in its most natural form, and although each new rave brings with it the threat of dawn, even the very pain of dissolution stands to remind you with perfect clarity that which you have just accomplished... I have loved more in the last 2 months than in my entire life... To all the ravers out there I give this... The party doesn't have to stop, ever, unless you let it...

"The road of excess leads to the Palace of Enlightment."
-William Blake

Jonathan Rapisarda
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Life is and always should be a party. If there is a god one way or another we're alive now to enjoy it now not later or this weekend but the entire time. It is our naturally given right to enjoy OUR lifes to the greatest extent, without of course interfering with others enjoyment. So put a fuking smile on that mug and enjoy your youthful or not so youthful life, because it doesn't last forever

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life is but a dream, but only sweeter. my head is filled with cream, and let me see here. said a boop sha boom sha la la la la la copendaddy, boop sha boom sha la la la la la copendaddy. why try to figure out what you already know. am i making nonsence or do know what most ravers know. i can dance ok. im flowin like liquid. fuck the glowsticks, i have more fun withou em, but anyways i get up on a BEAT n get back on my feet. suburbarban christian came in and out. not trying to be famous but raves are fat.they are faaat


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To some extent experiences mold who you are and how you make decions, but they can't be excuses for your wrongdoing because whether you use it or not you DO have a mind of your own. Live by PLUR and you will have a happy and rewarding life. Remember the most important thing is to party hard, because you could die tommorow and you have to pack in as much fun as you can.

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