What is it within ourselves that either gently lures or forcefully shoves us into the wonderful yet sometimes frightening underground world of the rave scene? To some, it is merely a good time, and to others it is a means by which to more fully express themselves and their art. For myself and at least two of my closest companions, it is something entirely different and somewhat more intense. I will, for the purposes of this article, refer only to my own emergence as a raver but I think they will know what I am talking about..:-) For reasons beyond my comprehension, I have found myself at various points in my life constantly yearning for something greater then just the day to day grind that we all must face in our shining capitalistic society. Mostly, prior to raving, I did drugs or got into trouble in order to expand what I believed to be my all too mundane sphere of influence. Often this would be followed by periods of either depression or simple disgust that, while not directly related to my actions, stemmed more from the preceding thought. That was, of course, until a fateful evening in October. I consider it a moment of rebirth as well as the worst night of my entire life. In one moment, somewhere around midnight, suddenly everything I had ever had missing in my life had made itself manifest. I saw the love and the joy that had been so long kept from me by my own reality blinders. It may very well have been the E stimulating my little neuro-vesticles to produce ungodly amounts of seratonin and yet I cannot, for all my later experiences, call it merely the product of a plastic drug. Since that night, I have not missed a Saturday night/Sunday morning party and this weekend being the first I understand now what it is I am in love with. Being in the presence of so many other like minded people enjoying life's precious boons fills a void in my life that nothing else could even begin to touch. Granted, the experience is different for each person/group but even now I strive to try to further understand what it is that happened to me. Everything is different, and yet somehow, it is as it should have always been.

Yours Forever in Spirit and Love,
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You have always had a way with words... As you always say, "You don't find the rave; it finds you."

I love you, sweetie.
Peace Love Unity Respect
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Is it about the drugs? The Music? The People? The Vibe? The Freedom? The feeling you get when you walk into the room and everyone runs up to you and knows your name? What is it? What keeps us comming back for more? Why do we bitch about spending 35 cents for a simple payphone call,but not bitch about 10-20 bucks on a rave? Why do promoters spend so much money on one night,just to entertain a group of people? Why? My motive? This party belongs to me as well as hundreds of other people with the same passion I have. Its mine. Its my feeling. Its my comfort. Its my security. Its my friends. Its my favorite music. Its my way of cumminicating to the pupils around me, with out the use of a spoken language. Just knowing we all are there for a reason, may the reason break down into a million. But we all came for one thing. And that one thing keeps bringing us back for more.

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i go to find everything that p.l.u.r. stands for. the peace, the love, unity, and respect. i have met so many people who i'm hoping to stand up with and make the scene united once again. i talked with all these "old school" ravers, saying that the scene is not unified. well these new friends that i have been blessed with are the ones that have moved me, and knowing that they are in the scene and knowing the visions that the have for the scene, i'm moved by their passion for raving. futurelife was the best thing that happened to me, it was not my first party, but it was my first true raving experience, something magical took over that night and i thank the powers that be for everything that i recieved that night and all the other nights after that. with these friends and the dreams we share for the scene, everything is possable. i long for the day when peace, love, unity, and respect will be brought back into the scene. and to all my friends that are reading this i thank you for being in my life and showing me that there are ravers who believe in p.l.u.r. and that's what i love about you all!

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i love you people unfortunately i have only been able to get a ride to one party but as i sit here reading all your messages i wish that i would be able to party more in the future and meet more people who also dream of peace love unity and respect

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Rave. Probably one of the hardest concepts the outside world can comprehend. Quite possibly, the 8th wonder of the world. So many have forgotten why any of this started at all, or realize the true power of the vibe. Being an extension of this enormous power (which is all any of us are), doesn't require going to a massive amount of parties. Nor does it require ANY drug use. It is simply a state of mind that cannot be contrained, limited, or broken by anyone or anything. It is a feeling of peace and balance with yourself and the universe. But more importantly, you embrace life. The party focuses the vibe, it doesn't create it. None of us create it, for it has always existed. One is very correct by saying that you don't find rave, rave finds you. If the vibe has chosen you, you will know. You will know because everything you do in life is focused around spreading it. You don't need to spread the music, or even invitations to parties...instead you spread t he comfort of peace...the warmth of love...the strength of unity...and the power of respect. This is a way of life that includes every soul on this planet. Spreading it goes far beyond the parties...which are only celebrations of life and existence. To truely be apart of this ancient vibe, you must focus it in everything you do, and share it with everyone you meet...a simple smile, a hug, a shoulder to cry on, a meal for a homeless man...that is the true meaning of plur. Drugs range in prices from a buck all the way up to hundreds of dollars...if you truely understand and love the vibe...think of what that money can do to change the global scene. Its our reality. Its our future. Either defy it, or inspire it.

- Subrosa

I miss those daze but remember there will always be something new. P.L.U.R. inspired me to start my business Peace Love Productions and our goal is to keep that feeling alive! peace... RAVE ON!

Rave on!! P.L.U.R I Hate It When People Juge Me For Raving. I MUST Do Drugs! But I Dont Gotta Do Drugs To Rave And Have A Amazing Time. I Mean Its Beinging With The Hundreds Of Other People Dancing Having The Time Of There Lifes Its Amazing You Can Be You Dance How You Wanna And Everyone Will Excpet It. I AM A RAVER! Yes I LIke To Roll I Mean Who Dosent But I Dont Gotta At a Rave. I Hate Those People Who Only Go For The Drugs They Go In Not knowing What There Body Cn Handle and End Up Over Doosing It Messes Up Raves For Everyone I Mean More "The Baby Raves" Whitch Id Have To Say I Am 15 But That Dosent Mean Ima Baby Raver I Go For The Music For The Exceptance Of Everyone Else And To Be Me Be Free. Ima Be Thee Next Gogo Girl Its My Life Electronic Music Is Everythings To Me And I Hope It Is To You.. Remember P.l.u.r Its A Life Style!!!!
Yours Truely-Colors

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