As everyone knows, there are different types of ravers. I enjoy calling these types "raverspecies." Now, myself, i am a Gabber/Junglist/Kandykid/Jaded raver, so i know what makes each raverspecies different. First, we will discuss the most prominent and strangely, the most ridiculed raverspecies there is: KANDYKIDS.

Kandykids of both sexes generally wear large pants, SEVERAL beaded bracelets on their wrists, and often a series of necklaces. This colorful jewelry and colorful style of dress brings to memory the assortment of colorful treats in a candy store, hence their name: KANDYKIDS. They are the raverspecies that epitomize the rave scene. They are known for being the greatest drug users in the rave scene. They generally like the "happy" styles of techno, such as Happy Hardcore and Trance. Kandykids are generally the most friendly Raverspecies there is. Given the choice between hanging out with a happy kandykid and hanging out with a perpetually ill-tempered gabber, i would choose... well i dunno. Anyways, thats that. Kandykids.

The next raverspieces is: THE JUNGLISTS. This is the second largest raverspecies. Junglist enjoy the styles of electronica known as Drum n' Bass and Jungle. They may also enjoy Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop, and basically any "Breakbeat style of electronica. Their style of dress is as normal as any everyday Joe Shmoe you'd see at a Wal-Mart. They generally wear baggy Hip-Hop style jeans, and a t-shirt from a name brand, such as Ecko. They may also wear a t-shirt from one of their favorite Drum n' Bass producer or DJ, or a hoodie from Breakbeat Science. Above all, junglists in general usually have a straight-edged policy about them, meaning they shy away from "hard drugs" such as E, Special K, Marijuana, and the such. I was once exclusively a junglist until i began wearing wideleg raver pants, which i love!!

GABBERS. Oh heaven help us. Gabbers are the most terrifying members of the rave scene that exist. Once you listen to the Gabber/Hardcore techno style, you will understand. Gabbers take pride in having the hardest, fastest, craziest, and most outrageous styles of techno ever heard, such as SPEEDCORE, NOIZECORE, and other HARDCORE styles, that all end in CORE. LOL. Gabbers usually wear normal pants or jeans, a shirt or hoodie sporting their favorite Hardcore DJ or Producer, and a bomber jacket. However, the most noticable featurew on the male gabbers is the style of shaving their heads. DANGIT MY PARENTS ARE CALLING. I WILL FINISH THIS LATER. BYES!! ;-)

Well, as i was saying,...

Gabbers, even though they shave their heads in the style of a Nazi, most Gabbers are against racism. Gabbers, like the junglists, have the same drug-free policy about them. The only drug being the music. And beer. Well that's all for those krazy gabbers!!

JADED ravers-These are the ravers that we all can't stand. Jaded ravers make fun of every raverspecies there is except Their own. They often deny being ravers if you ask them. Jaded ravers often wear... well... normal stuff. Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle, whatever. Well, i don't think there's much more i need to say about these jerks, so i won't.

GOTHS-Ok, my question is, "why are they here?" Goth ravers go to raves only to do drugs. I personally have a problem with them because they generally don't like the music there, only the drugs. They generally wear Black, Black and yet more Black. Well, nuff said.

[email protected]

Wow, i'm entering feedback for my own article. NOW i'm a loser. I encorage anyone to give me feedback, positive and negative. I want to clean up my writing skills. Oh, and by the way, i'm 75% gabber, so be nice!!!


I Wear BAggy Jeans and at the current Moment An EcKo Shirt. Yet I wear Colorful Braclets made from Slinkys and Bunjeez. I like all techno even Heavy metal. I know alot of Jaded ravers, but all of my friends ArE Mung,or black,Or Korean and they are all KAndyKids. But About 75% of my School RAves.


that is so funny about kandykids! in england where i am from we dont call them that, we call them cyberkids, which i am a part of, most of them are into hard core techno and mainly hard house which i love! i wear extremle baggy trousersloads of beads a spike collar,and electronic looking clothes from my fave shop cyberdog, as for the drugs thing we get alot of cheap X from europe for three or more pounds a pill or in yours about 8 dollars!

We dont have an official race of kandykids here in new zealand.. but those who do dress in this manner are generally referred to as "ravers". Excellent events tho, have large number of wicked local dj's plus international crew visiting often. And I know this site isnt a price comparison board.. but thought you may be interested to hear sadly because we are an island X can cost anywhere from $65 - $95 a pill. Ridiculous.. but worth it :o)

kandykidz are a necessary part of the ravescene. they illuminate the atmosphere...however, they need to stop taking up room in the dnb roomz!!!!! I am a junglist till I die, tattooed on my arm, and we ALWAYZ get the shittiest location so why do these happy little bitches gotta waste our valuable dancing room? it ain'y right. big up t upl8nite industries!!!

ermm... i am a junglist who wears nothing but huge pants and bright bracelets:D my sh** got mixed up somewhere :/ must admit though its funny to walk into a jungle party and get snotty looks because of my "look". just goes to show who the REAL ravers are. we represent the "plur", baby! not the drugs or snotty cliques:P be who you wanna be. screw labels. anyone says poop ill knock em down with my stuffed bunny backpack! >:D

sCreW the damn right, arent we all there for the same reason??? the love of the muzic right?! At least that was what i thought. But at the same time we are human beings and its fukin natural to talk shit on someomes outfit. Get over it.

I'm an ex-junglist turned candykid and just recently discovered gabber and dove in headfirst....fucking love it...and you know what? After all is said and done...drugs, no drugs....whatever species you are, you're a RAVER. We're the next generation. The scary thought is we're going to be running the world some day. Rave your face off, plur, and so on and so forth.

I am a... well I can't really tell you wich scene I belong to because i really don't i wear alot of black My smallest pair of jeans are like 40" cuffs, but i don't go to raves mostly because in my area there aren't any other ravers there is like one other person that wears phat pants. I wear alot of jewelry and chains on my pants. So really I just call myself a freak.

Proud to be a cyberkid! I luv it how every1 at my workplace thinks my social life iz krazy. They always ask me to fetch pics in so they can see me n my m8's cybered-up. I av had pics taken of me 4 web sites n magazines allova. usa's National Enquirer did and article bout Gatecrasher NEC which we had make outfits 4 .I hate Jaded ravers and find jungalist v sxy mmmmm And as far as drugs are concerned my weekend intake will usually terrify any beer monsta.

luv ya

hrrrrmmm .. how bout this ... i love phat pants ! but i live in aus and its hard to get them because i live in a little country town ! i liek rave music but im a fan of alll styles ... so where do i fit in ! its just funny to se people stare at me .. im not much of a drug fan eaither .. too expensive and i gues im just happy to enjoy it all for the ride without additives ?? plus im still in school ... annnyway ! does anyone know where u can order phat pants over the web in AUSTRALIAN dollars????

thanks !
xox bindi

WOOOOO!! wha wha wha whats up yall!!! WOO!!hardcore candy kid herre. working on the pants almost got theim doone but ehh. well im triening to keaip up the raver spirit ova here in suthern cali U.S OF A! and its hard as nut shells. im hard as hell, im either gay or just high. and as for da drugs ... dont keed them... all i needs is M&M's and GLO STICKS WOOOO!!!!!!! i take a pair with me where ever i go, friends jam sessions. diny land. knotts. six flags .. or jsut walkin.. i take a pair with me whereever.. i love to stick and am wurking on teqi. soo all you out there keep it up and im onkly 16 F.Y.I! WOOO!!! stay safe, drug free. and rave happy ... P.L.U.R

hardcore candy kaid

Even considering yourself a raver no matter what "species" is still stereotyping. Which contradicts basically everything that a rave stands for. (i.e. unity, individualism, equality, no barriers.) It's the same as classifying a jock, preppy, stoner. Which i know most people that attend raves are against steretyping, yet we'll all sit and call ourselves "ravers" and even go as far as classifying diff. "raverspecies." Kind of an oxymoron! We're all unique individuals that like attending parties. Classifying ourselves as "ravers" is being as stereotypical as most of the closed minded society that all of us party kids have (one time or another) frowned upon.

I don't mean to be to critical or negative just thought i put a diff. perspective out there!


Whats up my name is Trixy and i am a kandiJunglist! yep thats right, i love all the music Except house and i wear a little bit a colorful kandi (i use to be harcore kandikid) and i wear bad ass junglist stuff and i got out and battle dancers to everything my fav. jungle! but i still go bu PLUR so.. there you have it

what do the bracelets mean?? And what is gets ripped off, so you have sex?? Or something? I'm new to the whole thing..and curious.

Jason is right. it is sort of styerotypical. anyway, i think thats its really funny. according to this, i am a candy kid, i do luv those phat pants tho. im working on a pair myself. but thats ust look, the real important thing is the music and the love.

P*L*U*R its what you do.

In Wpg, Mb, CA *^_^* Candy kids unite in a very small scene! You kin find us dirty dancing, hugging each other ALL THE TIME, going to pre-parties to git candy'd OUT and in the end we all go home seperate because CANDY KIDS TAKE DA BUS TO RAVES! Candy Kids specifically have home made pants, SUPER BIG ONES and ussually have giant breasts or big dicks. IN WINNIPEG, DAT'S TRUE. Candy kids say things like "FUR SURE", and "YES".

Candykid all the way~! =^--^= Lol. Though, it's sad that so many of us depend on drugs to get the high. Music's the ay to go, ya' know? Lol. Spppeessshhhtachular article though luvvie~! X3;

Junglist is the only way to be. Why would you not want to be fucked up on mushrooms/stoned and not be listening to hardcore basslines for hours on end. I spin Dn'B also. If there are any true Junglists out there, write me back.

john (919)

[email protected]

Wassa....awesome peoples here man, I'm a kandykid-junglist-gabber-raver!! from the heart, sporting the phat pants at night, wearing the kandy all the time. i'm also a NATE no E-or shrooms or acid( ecept if is acid JAZZ::what!!!::). all of you say that juglist are drug free...well let me tell you 'bout this crack-head I call my brother....he claims to b a junglist...fuck!! he's nothing more than a fucking looser e-tard( no ofense to the other retards around) he goes to da venues for the e and-ice shit he is on...FUCK THAT...all I need is the Trance, DnB, HOUSE, NRG,jazz,trippop,breakz, amibient, goa, hardcore, within me to keep dancing all night...hey a RedBul also helpsLOL......for all you fellow PLURicious people....much love to all of you...keep the PLUR standarts HIGH......PLURIFICATIOn of our NATION.....

::the music that unites us>the feeling that reminds us>we are part of the MASSIVE global village::

Hey kids... Well I am somewhat of an ex kandy kid with about 5 pairs of phatties (large pants) hanging up in the cupboard over there. I am kind of doing my own independant study of who acctually likes Gabber, terror, demon and speedcore... etc. There a facinating breed i must admit also seem like there a few cans short. I am just curious where your from because around here we have our goth style ravers and they love the music as much as everyone else... its more just there clothing style thats different (there into a more industrial hard and acid trance style).

Anyway i still dont mind going out every now and again i listen and bedroom dj hard trance mainly but my style spans out a little more these days... Personally i dont like dnb, jungle, techstep, clownstep or any of that strange gear and feel that if somethings over 160bpm it should be burned,

Either way you all seem to still have a head on your shoulders and seem to notice the only thing that really brings us there in the first place is the music. unless the drugs got you there first... tisk tisk tisk.


Timski - Melbourne, Australia

P.S. Hey NZ chick you should move over this way our scene is much more established and a night out wont break the bank as much.

All i listen to is Core Music Hardcore, Speed, Noise, Terror, Doom and Gabber But im The "Jaded Hated Raver" Cause i work in Abercrombie and i wear all that type of clothing

i am a gabber

HmMm..... i dont know exactly what i am.. i like the whole baggy rave pants... i...wear usually black...i dont do drugs anymore.. and i rarely drink. ive havent ever accually been to a rave cuz there isnt any around my place.. haha im like the only one in mi town other than mabey 2 people that wear baggy pants and....yah ima stop writing now i keep just goin on and on.... sorry lol

Well i am a kandykid thru n thru lol! the glowstiks, phatties, bracelets...all that shit...and i do too many drugs that theoretically i shouldnt be able to function! but what got me to raves to begin with was definitely the music...thats the real reason evryone should be there. i'm 16, from melbourne and drugs are definitely cheaper than nz's i pity you nz chick ...but your right...its worth it!!!

Join the dark side...

Ok... here's a little update for 2005. I started this in 2003, and apparently, everyone has been pitching in. Currently, I have allowed my trance and happy hardcore CD's to collect dust in favor of a style that has REAL POWER. Of course I speak of HARDCORE. My additude on things changed over the months, and I changed my music and my style to match. It was a gradual change, but one I was glad to make.

I now wear mostly black, so call me a goth if you want, but I don't listen to any gothic music. Since pants seem to be the hot topic here (yes, that is my favorite store) About half of my pants have 30" or 32" cuffs, and the other half I tuck the bottoms into my black tactical SWAT boots for my militant high-tech look. Adorning my wrists I have a black tactical watch band on one wrist, and on the other wrist, a black/glow-in-the-dark strap that wraps around my arm four times with 1/2" spikes radiating from it on eight different places (constructed that myself). On any given day, you can catch me in Alabama (Oakwood College) wearing either my black or navy blue trench coat(military surplus), or my black or white hoodie, sporting the H2oH recordings (American Hardcore label)logo.

Don't worry, I still listen to drum n' bass, but hardcore has the dark sound I usually enjoy more. I have also broadened my horizons to include Classical music, and have developed a small taste for Jazz, Hip Hop, and Gospel/christian music.

So I guess I'm all grown up now.

Oh yeah, and I'M A MAC USER!!!

contradicting everything we stand for ravers are as one not groupes, maybe fashion wise but who cares, the music is the reason!!! dissapointed in my fellow people, syou sound right bitchy!!!

Hi,My qestion is can u name me ALL the different types of rave music as in I know of house,jungle,techno,trance, hardhouse,bass to Base..I know theres MORE name the rest plz. bye Al

Hardstyle and Hard Trance is the best!.... Yeah and what if i wear baggie pants but i'm not a kandykid :) I am a Hardstyle boy! and i love it!

As a goth raver; who wears black but coloured trims, glow materials and candy to raves, who seriously gives a fuck about the music and has attended more than one event straight I think you're being a bit harsh. Particularly when so many darkcore/gabba types look and dance identically to the raver goths these days.

*Amaya throws 'GOTHS CAN STOMP' candy at you and storms off*

Some day in [our] time, the world WILL HAVE 1 BIG PARTY...

and we will be UNITED in Peace|Love|[U]Respect. The party will be called Heaven...


"the worlds greatest people"

...will be doin it for-->> evermore...New special Guests TBA, along with some old favs. There will be no rules/laws for this party because no one will have to worry about any harms, they will no longer exist...As always, it will be the musik that drives us, and the luv to bind us..but moreso, our reason for attending and existing at this party is to live, and to live for EACH OTHER TOGETHER...I know I'M going --->anyone wanna carpool?...oh wait, no need... the party is EVERYWHERE!!yay! im so excited! =) This will be tough to pull off... anybody know a good promoter? lol.... just a thought while i sit here at my comp...sounds good doesnt it? why not make it happen?

aim ;P SYtrakt... (de: Los ^^Angeles^^)[as in, 'the mind']lookin for some LA peeps tah party with - im an ALLSTYLE raver. =)

hahaha nice site.

who says u canyt be a kandykid and a gabberhead ? my 40" wideleg black phat pants and assortment of kandi is a testament to my ability to enjoy both happyhard and hardcore.

the many species of raver is what makes the scene more interesting and diverse. if we were all only 1 type of raver it would get pretty boring pretty fast.

R4V3 0N !! woooot !

Ok, I admit it, I WAS being harsh with the goth ravers, and for that matter, the jaded ravers too. And yes, it would be true that many gabbers look like goths. IN NORTH AMERICA ONLY. In Holland and Germany(I know from thousands of pics from websites), the gabbers don't look quite as dark as the gabbers in America. Maybe that's because America has an Idea that hardcore=black. Well, whatever. That's my cynical observation.

Frankly, I'm impressed at the massive amount of people who have posted after this article, even two years after I submitted it. I'm also impressed with the webmaster, who has kept this site alive when so many others are turning into "buy this domain" pages. I refuse to say PLUR, but RESPECT to you all. When I take over the world, I will send special funding to the rave scene. As long as there is a Hardcore/Speedcore area at every party.


Hey I'm not JADED although dressed normal. I'm a JUNGLIST. I also like very dark and deep styles. I don't like KANDYKIDS fucx1n' happy *LOL* Techno.

peace Yed

Winnipeg MB.

A small population of candy kids here. Most scene teens 15-20 are usually emo. But the small groups of candy kids often display themsevles on PUBLIC TRASFERS.

True fact: Candy kids keep at least 3 sheets of bus tickets in their backpack ALL THE TIME. (even if they do have a car)

Viva la Winnipeg.
-Some hardcore Japanese street fashion kid.

I love it all! phuck all the stressing about what "classification" you fall into and just be yourself. you're ALL beautiful because you love the scene! XOXOXO

-- julie

I go for the music. i love getting off my head and dancing all night and we're else is better 2 do so then a rave.i don't give a shit what i wear i do't need to be in a particular sereotype.i think it's kinda silly the way people put themselves into catagorise and dis one other when really where all there 4 the same reason.i wouldn't even call myself a raver although.i was a a rave a few months ago in thongs and about 5 people came up to me and told me i don't belong there,im not a true raver.cos i had thongs on.screw u guys,i went just as hard as what they did. and no im not a true raver i don't believe theres such a thing. im just an indervidual out to have some fun and isn't that what we're all there 4.........???????

im a hardcore melbourne candykid, we have a diffinitive style of phat pants ive never seen anywhere else, our chemicles are to die for although fuk me there $$$$, the scene's amazin, best dj's and clubs if u wanna rave trust come pay us a visit but quickly, GHB is killin the scene slowly an painfully. i just moved to england where the drugs are cheaper but the scene's weaker, theres alot more happy hardcore an psy trance over here than back home where hard NRg rules the roost, still good though very different. theres hardly any candykids in comparison to melbourne over here though we dont have this 'cyber goth' style which i love but dun reckon i could pull off. personally i love all the sub species like someone said it's what makes the party interisting as long as ppl keep up the same ideals in which the raver community was founded i dont see the problem

~~~~rave on ~~~~

theres no strangers here, just friends you havent met

Hey ravers! I love everyones ideas... haha...although theres some things about ravers in AUSTRALIA which is starting to piss me off.

See over here, I'd never heard of candikids, here on the Gold Coast/Brisbane, we are called candi ravers and it seems that more and more people are totally critising our way of life! and i dont mean "normal people" (not that i'm saying we are freaks!), but i mean OTHER RAVERS! I have some dear friends who go hard on the rave scene in Brisbane, and they seriously have said "if i see a chick with fluro phatties, candy up her arm, and Hello Kitty T'shirts, i wanna smack her in the face". Now, being a self confessed and hard-charging candy raver, I took offence, and no longer see those kids anymore! What the shit is with that?! I walk into a raver, all candied up, and people RAISE THEIR EYEBROWS at me! then i head into the main room, and start stomping my little heart out, and THEN they will stop judging. Its like over here... if you're a candy raver, its like you're a "fake raver" until u prove otherwise.

Thats what shits me the most. That poeple can actually judge, when in actual fact, we are all there for the same reasons... be it the music, the people or the atmosphere altogether, raves are meant to be silly,fun, social and exhausting... and i really hate it that since I have pink phatties and a big silly grin, i'm look upon as being a silly little twat who doesnt even undertand the concept of raving.

I think everyone should just smile and charge and party hardy and get the fuck over worrying about how bright our pants are.

ok, well speaking of my pants, I have to go make some slight alterations to my latest phatties I made for a rave i'm going to tomrrow called Mayhem... i made wicked Invader Zim pants, with a 55 inch cuff on each, which is supa sized for little ol me!! Ciao for now ravers! Jesska

ey mate!

i just went to mayhem and it was absolutley amazing! i was all candied up and yeah jesska ur right u do get some weird looks but as soon as u bust out some moves ur welcomed into the family. dv8 rave saturday 9th july at the arena in bris!! yeah!!

Werd up.......... right, I've been rocking out to psytrance and breaks since I was nine years old. At back then I also had quite an affinity to Soul and Country things change...I took a turn for the punk/goth/schoolboy (I've always been a fan of contradiction) appearance in late mid school.....I still dig on the music...Tool, The Toadies, NIN..etc..

So, around the age of fifteen, through NIN and Portishead, my electonic music ember flared up and I hit the rave scene running...started out digging on the trip hop and psytrance until one day on Napster I ran into Squarepusher and a bunch of UK jungle....DJ Hype, Dillinja, Ray Keith and the like.....I heard REAL breaks and went nuts... I'd heard it all before but gave it little heed. A friend of mine was an awesome oldschool jungle DJ and spun all the time but I couldn't quite get into it until I heard the potential of the genre (squarepusher yeaya). Then I went to my first real party....AK1200 as well as a bunch of friends at one of the biggest parties I seen in the area...wicked. These days I rock hiphop and era OMG, Ron Carter is the best bassist ever. I still consider myself junglist though unfortunatly it isn't my life anymore...not the time...University Life KEGGERS WOOHOO ( just kidding)........

anyway....the bottom line........ I've met the most diverse lot of friends I could imagine through the scene and to try to classify anyone just defeats the entire purpose of the scene....Clothes????Drugs????even Music????? these are only a fraction of what makes a person who they are.....

Like I said, I'm jungle. Will be 'till I die. I listen, and deeply enjoy all music. Even house as uniteresting as it is musically. At the venue I rock out to it all. I wear whatever catches my eye just before the party. I dress up because the preperation is just as important to the vibe, at least for myself, as actually getting to the event. I've had to cancel plans last minute and still been able to keep the vibe. That's just how I do. As for clothing.... Last party I went to....I wore a pair of 64 inch stone wash denim bondage pants, both black and demin w/spikes straps...but fuck hottopic sorry, not the raver way IMO...same as AE to me...and speaking of AE...I wore a baby blue pinstripe button-up t-shirt from AE with a brown Element emblem shirt beneath, my black JanSport backback( graff/sketch book, water markers toys annd food inside; the thing comes EVERYWHERE with my and is decorated with five years of taggings and a Dr.Freecloud sun I silkscreened on there when I was 15)...there seems to be alot of Junlge kids affiliated with the graffiti culture to, represent.....oh, and a faded blue beenie from The Gap. Quite a bit of candy. one with a giant Aeroplane beed amidst a buch of star ones (my fav). I spin glowsitcks and fire. Junglist don't seem to understand the spinning until I hit the floor....I don't dance well to anything but DnB and Hardcore, and I get down. I move around alot and am very interactive in my dancing. I don't often ddo "hard" drugs anymore. Sometime I'll feel that it's appropriate to the vibe and I'll join in but rarely. But as far as you stereotyping...I'll spark the biggest blunt you've ever seen on the end of a fire Poi and give you a ligh show you can't even imagine. Most junglists I know Blaze Up like fuckng meteors MF. I have a lot of friend who love to roll and trip out in the DnB disrespect, to each his own...I kinda like giving random kids crazy light shows while I'm sober

Comments on this??? Dnb headz seem to be some of the biggest stoners out there....yeah we shy away from alot of hard drugs...but weed ain't hard...some beer and a blunt and I'll still outdance any of the E or Methheadz out there... I stay true to the candi way...........mostly PLUR, but these days I'm a bit more of an asshole.........It's all good. I give you all my respect and wish you peace......I'm just no fucking hippy. Outies 5000......and where the fuck is the Darkstep USA???? Rock Out.........

Oh yeah, and I hit up the Kali scene this winter and I gotta say, what the fuck is the problem with LA... TOA'05 was weak weak weak......I actually will diss on the amount of kids that were obviously there only to get WAY TOO FUCKED UP. The party hadn't even finnished and there were hundreds of kids who looked at the edge of tears 'cause their roll was over.

If you can't ride it out and groove 'till the sun comes up...If you end up in the corner wishing your friends would hurry up and leave...then you are just wrecking on the vibe...I was astounded at the amount of cats I'd met who had never been to a rave sober......crazy..

Rant Over.


i am a raver...i wear phatties, kandy and i have bright blue hair. people look at me like im an idiot but i dont care. being part of this culture is about falling in love with the music and being individual. fuck all the segregation, its all electronic music whether its hardstyle from the legend himself blutonium boy or jungle from dj hype, its all good. if u enjoy it, listen to it but dont give shit to people like me who enjoy looking bright and colourful and having a good time at a rave off my head. that is what i do and i will keep ravin on...

crazy raver...

YO YO YO I must say everyone has there own opioin on the rave culture but pretty much you all agree its about the music, myself i statred raving it up almost 6 years ago in Halifax Nova Scotia the scene has died off eminsly i dont really have a ceratain style i like all of the music but the harder the beat the harder i Fuckin Jam and u can always see me whipping out my glow sticks ( NOT A CANDY RAVER )to trip the fuck outta somebody i love watching people fall over the place beacause i used to be that person i know what they are feeling and soon they will grow out of it but until then let them have there fun , in halifax we have a tremendouse amount of different dancers but the most popular way i would have to say is gabbers and those jadeed ones man i tell ya those bitches need to stay in the bar scene and stop killing the mood P.L.U.R for ever

Never Gonna Die Raving for Life

Not really sure what group me or my fiance fall into. We are both "ravers" or "party kids" or whatever you want to call it. We wear normal evryday clothes, but we like our baggy clothes at parties. Not 40" wide or anything, but not too tight. We listen mainly to breaks, jungle, and DnB. Not much else to listen to in the great state of FL (daytona Beach). Drugs are not a part of our life, but we're not above E every few months or so. So what type we do fall into? None, because we don't believe in classifying. PLUR is a part of our lifes. We even have it tattooed on us (my arm and her back). And as you all know, the U in PLUR means Unity. Classifying does not promote Unity. So group us or yourselfs as you wish, just know that it goes against what we all supposedly believe in.


hey to all the ppl out the in the world if you wont to know wot raveing is all about you should head down to mebourn,victoria,astralia we have the best friday night raves at bass station we have big event on every few weeks or so we have a sick dj line up and i think we have the best dances in australia (havent seen any wer els in the world) we have the rave spices but most of use just mingel and dont cear wot ppl think about us wer the for the muzik and that wot i thort raves wer about have fun with you friend lesening to muzik you like and danceing you ass of. i love to wear my phat pants out ( dont take them of all weekend sep to fuck my mises) i have the hole kandy thing going on but i got all of them from ppl i know at raves so they mean sumthing to me i wer googls or a hat (to do hat trixx with) and i shuffel (melbourn shuffel kick fucken ass) if you wont to see a erigenel stuly of danceing look out for the melbourn shuffel it known all over oz any way gtg to bass station hop to see you ppl there if you do go just ask any one wers -={PEPPO}=- then say hi to me have fun dancing

p.s who cears about ravespeices man wer all there for one thing its the muzik and the ppl

i've been apart of the scene for about 6-7 years, well not anymore, can't really be apart of something that doesn't exsist anymore. the scene has severely died in nova scotia. yea we still got our beats at the bars....but really, not the same!

i don't really fit into your catagories...i LUVs my house music!! and thats that. i do like the drugs, don't go over bored like b4 but i like them as a treat these days!

basically, in my oppinion, i think this is what killed off our raves....all the judgeing and stereotyping. its awesome that there are different kinds of ravers but its the same as i wear blue pants / you wear red! its still the same conversation. in our group of friends we probly had at least one from evry group you talk about. everyone of us loved different types of music and dressed different but we all loved the ATMOSPHERE & the VIBE!!!!!

don't let the vibe die at your rave, they will disapear, soon people will forget why they're there and the thugs will take over with money and power!

hello fallow ravers im from melbourne australia n no were in da world will u find ravers like our ravers!!! it dont matter wat type of raver u r no one givs a shit as long as u love da music! i think we hav da best dancers in da world! cant beat da melbourne shuffel, anyway arnt we all ravers in da end?? as far as i new a raver is a raver? we all go 2 dance, take drugs or not, n hav fun including showing off our PHAT PANTS!! i love ma phattys i guess u would call me a kandy kid,but wen ppl put them selves in2 groups thats were da negativerty starts! i were ma kandy and most of it is from ppl giving it 2 me as a sign of friendship! dats wat raves r all about having a blast wit ur mates!! pull ur head out of ur ass n start shuffeling!!!

Hey All!! Im from the Gold Coast Australia an go to all the BrisVegas Raves...I know that there are a lot of different "species" of ravers, but really out on the dance floor we all one massive just there for the same thing THE MUSIC!!! Most of my mates and I wear the phatties and we love our candy braclets n stuff, but really we just go for the music, the vibe and the company of good ppl - sure you get some ppl only there for the drugs etc, but that is there business - we go to have a good time dance our asses off and smile til the sun comes up....

CaNdY rAvEr AlL tHe WaY!! i love everything about the candy way of life, before i knew raves i knew nothing.
here is a poem from my love:
bright and sparkly
the one ill miss
though you can have it
if i get a kiss
so full of love
for all of you
because you loved me
when i was blue
pink hearts or black spikes
strap-ons or bright lights
(teehee i know that didn't rhyme)
i have loved you all a zillion times
my phatties are mocked
in my home city
conformists unite! should be their ditty
so i sit and wait, till i can escape
to the muzak i crave, and the people who gave
their endering love to the undeserving
me. <3

happy hardcore, trance, ravecore, hardcore, techno, jungle, DnB, and so many more i appreciate and love. i do drugs, and love the time i have. but really its the people that are the best. ALL I WANNA DO IS DANCE AND MEET YOU! *sigh sadly, no scene for karie in saskatchewan canada. but winnipeg is my salvation. my eden of every type class and species of ravers. drop by if you are in canada! i am coming to melbourne, aus in febuary and know no one! i would love to know anything about the scene, and to have people to trade candy with when im there!
pLuR for everyone and every litte thing
p.s. i feel so sorry for you aussies! 10$ a pop for time of your life in the peg

I make Kandykids raver pants x] Here in Aus, our vitamins cost $50 a pop, unless you're friends with the dealers, like I am and get them for 25. I love sasha' and Im starting to get over Happy hardcore, although this weekend DJ HIXXY is coming to Perth. Gabba Gabba is legendary shit! <3


hi everyone.Im from bulgaria.Here the rave culture is not very popular and the things are horribble!And unfortunately in Bulgaria the people think that only punx are ravers because of their pants....they don't even know that the real raver is listenin the electro sound.....Here most of the people are listening house..less trance...and...very few of them have ever heard about gabba or hardcore styles!Of course we have most of the "hard drugs" here for the real ravers-"the punx".But if you want to learn about the rave culture..if you have the desire, of course one day you will be one of the kidz of the natural electro sound.So if someone thinks that his country is not aware of the real world..let come here and see the most undeveloped country!

Respect for all !

I agree. Screw the lables. PLUR for life! Dress how you want! It doesn't freakin matter. You're there for the music, whatever type you like. An A should be added to PLUR. Peace, Love, Unity, Respect + Acceptance. PLURA! ;]


I dont see why people get so techy on the style of clothes you wear, or the music you listen to. I suppose if I take on any label, it would have to be a Kandy Kid, and honnestly, I like it. I make bracelets to hand out, its fun and rewarding with the smiles people give you. Its also a good way to meet new people and make new friends. Beyond my Kandy, I wear normal clothes. I do have a neon green sweatshirt a friend gave me as a present though. Its warm and fuzzy, I love it. I love all types of techno. As long as I can get into the beat, and have an awesome time dancing, I dont care what Im listening to. Im here in Arizona, and of course I have my favourite DJ's (Matt Dunn and Star!!) and my favourite songs (Bittersweet symphony!) but I love dancing to anything. I dont go to be "scene", I go to have fun. So as long as Im doing that, I dont care what else goes on. Have fun, be awesome, have an amazing time, and if youre so inclined, roll off your face, or dont!! Either way, just HAVE FUN!!!


I dont think that your description about the junglists are ok i agree that some of it can be dressed like hip hop poeples but they are not representing the drum n bass scene by there clothes i am a junglist and i wear 3/4 phat pants hoodies leopard,tiger,zebra(its all about jungle!) or sometime camo stuf i think the junglist style can be similar to hiphop or skate style but with phat pants and a bit of imagination

i've been to 3 raves with my bestfriend ( skittles )she was a Kandy Kid.. i had a lot of fun hanging out with her and her friends. she told me that the jungle ravers could be a little mean. but in my opinion it looked like everyone was having a good time, and thats all that matters.. there is alot of room at the raves if you don't like one side just go to the other..i would like to go to one more rave but i wont go alone..and i lost my bestfriend.. does anyone know how to contact skittles- monica-from the desert??

[email protected]

I am from melbourne and we have be far the best scene, the melbourne shuffle gives it a totally unique feel. we constantly have dance comps and most ravers here go from thurs night till sun non-stop thanks to the great people at PHD who provide us with day club. though the phat pants are slowly disapearing it is still pretty good and alot of people still dress up. though ICE is destroying the atmosphere alot.

I'm from Brizneyland am a Kandi Raver FREAK- i stumbled on this site lookin 4 phat pants! I don't get in2 candy anymore it seems no one gets the giving thing these days. I still dress up, make my own phats & crazy outfits it always puts a smile on ppls faces- ravers & metros alike! Here the scene is dead, what i wouldn't give to have the same atmosphere we did 3 yrs ago. I really don't think that the species stereotyping is all that applicable, i think the whole jungle element is missing here and too many good rave ppl have lost the concept that its actually ALL ABOUT THE MISICK!!! Love my hard trance and dirty house unlike the melbourne scene we stomp here & we stomp hard!! However things are so sad here that adventjah didn't even come to town! Tidy Djs in vic but didn't get that which we sorely need!!? Tell me dude- how the hell can you stomp in thongs-?!! This year some buds & I are headin to melb for adventjah we'll pull in2 bassstation & phd - thanx for the info fellow nuttaz! Sadly i share the veiw that meth is wrecking our once happy friendly little rave community. Don't do drugs myself -have tried most but meh, am yet 2 meet a drug pumped gabba who can keep up with me! Lets face it you have got to be off your head to think you can actually dancing to that horid noise- don't know anyone who's in2 new wave hardcore who isn't. Keep it real peeps!!!

i go to raves to get high off the sound waves of what ever kind of techno is playing i love it all, and i dont believe in steiro types, yes i wear kandi, and yeah i like weed,shrooms,and every now or then a pill...but i do it outside of raves because raves oare my night to just get high off life znd sound

HEY HEY HEY!!! How's everybody in the house???

Iono...I think the whole idea of stereotyping amongst ravers is kinda wrong. I mean...its true what you're saying...but we should all be there for the music, the people, the PLUR, and the amazing vibes we should all be putting out for each other! Well...iono...I'm what you would consider a Kandee Kidd in progress...I don't have my UFOs yet...but I'd like some...and I have PLENTY of Kandee!! ^_^ I'm all into Hardcore!! HTID YO!! Happee Hardcore Especially! but UK Hardcore is tizzight!...I can't stand Gabber or Jungle...but I respect other ravers opinions and I won't complain if I get stuck listening to it...I'm as open as I can be!!\

WEll...just hadda throw in my two cents...PLUR Forever!! Rave on my lovely kiddoz!!

Much love and respect!

im a KANDYKID! i am and always will be, i love raving..its the best! its the only place where i feel like i fit in! well mucho love! PLUR FOREVER!!!



Wow, I'm an Aussie, very soon to be going Kandikid/Cyber/Goth. I'm gonna be jumping off at the deep end, but I hope it works. The goth part is gonna be the dread falls I get (which I think will be mainly Blue. I get to design them in about 2 days, so it'll be awesome.)

I'm getting my phat pants from strange days, and getting the kandy beads and stuff seperatley so I can build my own. I currently own one homemade pair of phat pants, that almost prevent me from getting into certain Nightclubs, so I wonder how they'll take the sheer awesomness of a raver.

By the way, I'm based in Canberra, so I think I may well be the only one of my kind in the city. Could be fun....or painful. Anyway, I'll leave my e-mail address if anyone just wants to chat. [email protected]

Catch ya on the flipside.

i live in london, uk, and over here you get a bit more of a mix of people at raves. one distinct type are loosely chavs that are heavily into dnb and some dubstep and take loads of drugs. they usually wear jeans and a brand t-shirt, or a wife beater. they're most likely to go to fabric but you see them at real raves as well

oh yeah and over here me and my mates can usually pick up 100 pills for £120, even though you can never be sure if they're going to be good

I live in seattle and i am a jungle/gabber/kandi raver/ and i just started in july of 2008. i know people that have done drugs. but oh well. XD i love who i am. and with all the bright and shiney colours. Im like a freaking glowstick in the dark. everyone can see me, because EVERYONE here wears black, grey, etc. it makes me sad. but hopefully i can be an influence. alrighty BAI BAI

in perth, it dont matter what type of raver ya are, we are very few and between, basically a dying breed. There was no days of a rave scene here realli, there once was in the early 90's but that died by 96. Now its just nothin like the same as it used to be. PLUR .... once a beautiful statement , peace love unity respect.... these days u dont get no peace.... love is out the window by dfepos tryin to pick up our girls thinkin they are easy fucks, unity ... bwaaahhhahahaha righto .. u cant even have a convo without people thnkin they are gettin picked up...... respect.... there is very little.

If u come from uk to perth... thinkin there is sumthin here that supports us... the best ya get is forcewa all ages events, we sometimes get some mad ass line up from the rbc, like this friday!!!!!! DJ Brisk!!!!!!!!!!! ohh fuck yer.... first time in a long time, but even that .. the venue is small and shit .... if u saved up between decent events just for that event..... ud be a millionaire goin there, ya will!!!

But my heart goes out to all the ttrue ravers, the ones that still keep the spirit alive, the ones that are true believers in PLUR the ones that truely go for the music and atmosphere, because its people like that who keep the true meaning alive. I may sound dissing atm, not knowing where most are from, but i have had enough in perth ... i am moving to qld and see what it like ova there, hopefully there is a life to live in the scene there...... cause there is no real scene here nemore. Just maybe there needs to be a rava skewl where people learn the basics of how to keep the old alive while introducing the new in a more positive light.

There is one song taht i dedicate to everyone who looks down upon us...... everyone wo thinks they are above us cause they believe we are druggie scum......

The song is............. JUST ACCEPT IT
CaUzE iM a rAvEr ..... NoT a FuCkIng DrUg AdDiCt..... JUCT ACCEPT IT .. yer i go to rave do e's and get wasted... (considerin the fuckups... i like it)

i aint no true dj.... yet, but hey if u truely love the music u can spin ne vinyl!!!!! so take care my fellow ravers.... they sound the same .... my fav songs aint changed in 3 days

Real ravers can add me to thier msn :) its good to know sum real ravers :)

In Baltimore we practice "PLURRA".

-Awesome Sauce

True story. Come to my city, and ask about it. We're all a really chill breed of people here. We all pretty much get along. Lots of junglists. And we all love our kandi kids. We don't have a bunch of the annoying ones; we've got mad unity. :)

i was looking for the candykidsunite webring of yesteryear and found this... i remember the daze, luckily, of my 44inch mammoth jeanco's, and crouds so colorful u could nut... In the days of Decible, Third Eye, Irene, Kid Icarus, Echo... Transit... Houston Astro Arena, sold out at 44,000 candykids while I was zoned on about 300 hits of Timothy Leary LSD... pLuR ... luv u!!

Don't hate on the Goths, you'd see them get up and dance if you played more Industrial.
I'm a hardstyler. Specifically, I'm a jumpstyler, the mortal enemy of Shufflers everywhere (nah, the shuffle's a good dance, props to you shufflers). I worship Noisecontroller and Headhunterz, and I dress fairly normally at raves.


Back in the day i used to be junglist when i was young then i found real raves with happy people all having a mental time the atmosphere blew all the other music and genres away hardhouse fucking rocjkd its more nrg but from 96 to 2000 HARDHOUSE WAS WHAT PROPER RAVING WAS ABOUT

Kandi kid that loves and appreciates every type of edm minus the really dark satanic k hole type genres. I'm loving the new trap mixes coming out in atlanta ! :):):):):):):):):)

I'm a kandi kid/ cybergoth... but i'm a bit of every different kind of raver.... every raver is unique. Rave willnone day rule the world, i mean shit... even the president likes edm music.

HONEy the whole point of the rave scene isn't about whos most popular or least annoying or druggies or not. you should't be asking why certain types of people are there!!!! the way i see it, edm festivals and shows are places where ANY GENRE, RACE, GENDER, CULTURE, STYLE, ORIENTATION CAN ALL COME TOGETHER WITH NO JUDGEMENT AND HAVE A FUCKING BLAST

Im a Gabber and i can tell you as much as i love the music and beer
there is a huge drug culture with hardcore/gabber maybe not all of
us gabbers do drugs but alot do apart from that good description of gabbers who be getting our hakken on to the gabber





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