How to convince your very close minded parents that raves are not bad?

By Moonlight Tiger

Hey anyone have any suggestions on how to convince my parents that RAVES ARENT BAD and that im not going to do drugs. I want to be albe to just tell my parents "hey im going to that rave tomarrow can i barrow 5 bucks for cover" of somthing. Im tired of the sneaking around i would have so much more fun at raves without worrying if the next day im going to get caught. and i dont want to did reaspect my parents more by going to raves anyways after they say no cuz i lovr raving tooooo muuch!!! i have close minded morman parents help!!!

ravez wurk on tha belief that thoze goin 2 em employ tha PLUR method: Peace, Luv, Unity and Respect. a tru raver goez 2 enjoy tha sightz and soundz, muzik n lites. they go 2 meet new people and expand their mindz... tel ur parentz this itz tha truth but if thay dont respect it then plz just listen 2 ur heart... do wat u want n look afta thoze around u...

*PLUR* goez out 2 u my fellow raver :D

yeah man, just go with what you feel... If you love the music as much as I do, you will know what to do and you won't care as long as nothing gets in the way of what you love... The life of Rave

i remember watching roger dawltry from "the who" talking at the mtv awards many years ago, he was slagging off 808 State, saying "the rubbish they produce is not music, it`s an abomination, talentless". he was talking about music derrived from the disco culture. for me, that was the green light to embrace house, a music our parents truly dont understand. what we listen to is new and fresh, we all go along under one groove, you cant explain it, you just gotta belive and carry on doin` it. dont waiste your time trying to expolain to parents who are doin` there own seperate thing, it`s not there time anymore.

diamonddisco, glasgow, scotland.

THATS TOTALLY TRUE!!! Raves are not all that bad that people sa they are.. i have been goin to raves since i was 12 and im 16 now and my parents really dont have a problem with me goin to raves as long as i make sure that i always bring a group of friends with me to look out 4 me... if your worried aboyt all the stuff other people say then do as i do... but also do be careful cuz im also not goin to say that they're the saftest parties ever.



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