New To Raves...

I'm what you'd really call a Newbie Raver...I'm a Kandee Kiddo at heart and I have the style to prove it for the most part...but I haven't been to a rave =(...I can't WAIT to go to my first one!! I know I'm WAYYY late to jump into the Rave scene...but my Girlfriend of almost a year now got me into it..and now I'm totally hooked on the music, the people, the Plur...I just needa go to a rave...I'm getting frustrated...but anyways...enough background...

I just wanted to say that I am going to be a sober raver when I start...and I think that Raves are amazing enough without them enhanching your senses. Anyways...I wanna know what you guys think about me starting raving now?? is it too late?? I don't think so...and I'll never believe it is...I was just wondering if any of you knew where I could get my hands on some UFOs and glow shirts and the like...I needa finish my Kandee Kidd clothes up...I have plenty of Kandee...but I could always use more huh!?? ^_^

WEll...iono if there's really any point to this...but would be great...

PLUR forever! Rave on!


Hullo :3 You wrote this 4 years ago! Crazy. I hope my feedback goes through then.

I'm a baby-raver too! Living in Florida, commuting between Tallahassee and West Palm Beach. West Palm has no real scene and Tally's is pretty tiny. I've only been to small local things that are kinda ravey/kinda just a house party with dub-step. I need to find a really big venue, down here we have Club X-it. I always wanted to get into the scene when I was younger but my parents woulda had a fit had I even asked. My ex got me into it when we were dating, he's a kandi kid at big raves and gabber at the house parties. I go for the music and the people, I started sober but recently have delved into stuff and enjoyed it. I always have sitters and buddies. Dress for now is pretty standard, just what looks cool under blacklights. I'm not much into kandi just because I'm an ex music major and jewelery weighs you down when you're performing but, I'm gonna delve a little just 'cause kandi's seem to have the most fun and best attitudes. I'm starting even more super late than others who have posted and I'm hoping that's ok.

hope you're well and finally went to a rave!

AIM f0t0phr33k

And this is a further 2 years on your post Shannon, I hope you get this. How have you found the Kandi scene? I used to love it, i wasn't so much into the whole UV leg warmers but i wazs into the UV face/body paint and hair products etc. Unfourtunatly i haven't even had a sniff of a rave for about 8 years now, although it's clear that i often think about it otherwise what am i doing seatrching for the Ravers Manifesto once again!

PLUR. May the beat live on forever





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