P.L.U.R Manifesto

We do not act on or attempt any harm to others. But overall our gathering has to be considered illegal. If ravers were to gather as a purpose of dancing and uniting, it would be labeled illegal and punishments would be brought upon. There maybe dance clubs and there may be small parties. But this is ruled by the DJ in the front of the room. The PLUR community likes to hold open gatherings in fresh air with wide-open space. We like to enjoy the emotions and envelope ourselves with the night sky. But it is ruined for our gatherings by the Nasty Ravers. These ravers typically hold illegal raves in private property and tend to get hyped up on drugs and cause havoc. This causes laws to be held against us and we think we shouldn’t be punished for their actions. There is a line between Illegal Raves and PLUR gatherings. The only thing we hold common is letting the music consume us and let the night take us away. Since there is a fine line between the two groups it should be treated that way. Yes it may look the same from the outside but our true motives on the inside differ greatly.Therefore PLUR community should be treated different and not be punished for someone else’s actions.

I agree totally, there are so many people now that come to raves and ruin it for everyone. All the annual parties that are a reunion for so many people are being overrun buy people that just want to get messed up and cause havoc. It's so sad.

I suppose I'm only speaking for myself, but when I started going to raves I did quite a lot of drugs. It took me a while to get over it and prove to myself that the drugs weren't necessary to party. What gave me the motivation to see parties as they were and experience the atmosphere without being induced by a substance? All of the old school party kids that stuck around regardless of who was there and came to share their energy. As veteran party goers, it is our responsibility to be welcoming and compassionate toward new ravers. Sure, it's difficult when some of them are so wasted they can barely function but nonetheless they are individuals and they are simply going through whatever process they need to in order to progress in this world. We must live by example and practice the openness and unity we so often preach. Raves are not for a "deserving" elite few. They are for everyone. I go to a party with love in my heart and when I dance I do so with the intention of awakening the sleepers. I offer my skills to the new "green" ravers that they might aspire to more.

Well said. We are all one, remember? We should share our thoughts with each other and the older partykids should help bring the young ones in right, straight-edge. Teach the love of the music and the respect for the scene through PLUR and when he has that, he can make his own decisions about his direction in life. What's happening is people arent being raised right about what it means to be a raver, so they think its a dope party.

i bet you guys dont like dubstep do you considering it is revolved around drugs dirty bass and gettin retarded!




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