I don't feel the same way about the rave scene that I did when I first started raving and I think that came when I went to this years new Year's rave frist of all the people at the party were all looking for drugs I must have gotten asked for drugs at least 2 dozen times in 2 hours. People seemed very irritable that night because no one could find any drugs towards the beggining of the night and you could tell once people found there drugs because people were happy and than the party picked up a good vibe. What the hell happened to the scene? I just found out that night too that Acid Reign won't be held in the desert anymore because of the ani-rave law and so now it's being held at the Ice house :( that depressed me. If anyone went to the New Year's rave at the Crow Bar let me know what your thoughts were about the party. just respond on this page and i'll keep checking back I really want to know so please let me know what you thought about it.

Later people