The rave scene has changed. Though I've been raving for only two years I feel the scene going downhill. When I first started going to parties people actually danced. They came to hear their favorite dj live or just dance. There was a drug problem then just as now but back then people would do drugs in private. Now people do drugs and sit in the middle of the dance floor and prevent other people from dancing. When my parents used to talk about raves as being just a reinvention of the hippy scene I thought they were just being naive. Now I'm beginning to wonder. I consider real hippies as people who get high, and go somewhere to lay around and listen to music, I guess raving wasn't original after all , When I started going to parties my friends assumed I was a drug user and I would argue that at least 80% of the ravers I meet don't do drugs. If I were asked today I'd say 20% don't do drugs. I hate feeling like I'm going to a drug party when I want to go to a rave. There was a time when I would go to a party and noone would ask if I had drugs. Now I'm suprised if an hour goes by and I'm not asked. You want to do drugs, turn on some christmas lights, turn up your music and do them at home!!! Leave raves to the people who don't take them forgranted. The ones who go for the music, the dancing and the people. That is why we all started going isn't it?