AZ Rave Scene is getting bigger but along with the size burst comes a downfall also.. I have noticed the drug use skyrocketing at raves, its like who cares about the music lets do drugs. I think all the drug dealing scumz out there should keep the damn drug dealing out of raves, or at least low key, I think it is great when a dealer gets busted at a rave, while everyone gawks about how horrible it is that they can not get "e" I think it is great that they cant get it at a party (at least this is how new years eve went). the last party I went to was on new years eve, and it sucked besides the fact that Aphrodite was there, but nearly everyone I met was very stupid and did not care about the music. Whats happining Phoenix???? Lets take it back underground, no more 12 year old candy raver drugies! there will still be drug useage, but at least it would be by more resposible people to enchanced the music and will not make people morons.