Things have changed. Before I started raving I was into the highschool keggars or what not. And I realized that I don't fit into that whole scene. So I started raving to get away from those people. The BOOM!!! All of a sudden dateline does an episode on raves and all of a sudden the people I was trying to get away from want to be part of it too and started raving. They say raves are for anyone who wants to come into the scene, Everyone is welcome. In my opinion, if your going to bring the bullsh*t you did at highschool keggars(getting fucked up, finding that as a reason to get play,and not caring who is there as long as the keggar is full) then please, dont come into are scene. Its so ridiculous. Now, the other problem. What happend to all those ravers that didn't care if you wore a plastic braclet, who didn't care if you just started raving, its like you been raving a year more than someone else and you think you are better? NO!!!! And why is it now a new trend to be mean to everyone. People act like PLUR is this new thing that the new kids came up with to be trendy. PLUR has always been something that ravers preached about. And it does bother me also that the kids who get all dressed up in fuzzy clothe get so much crap. I mean getting dressed up for a rave has always been part of it too. I mean that is the funnest part. When you have butterfly's in your stomach and your at home with your friends getting ready for a party. But what makes me more mad, is that everyone acts like E is something new also. Drugs have always been part of the rave scene too. Its just now people don't act responsible when on it. Its like E does not make the musik sound better. The musik makes the E feel better.(that's how i see it) One more thing that I don't like is that promoters are scared now to throw a desert party. The Desert party's are the best party's I've ever attended(what happened DTS?) Since the last dts desert party I've been to, I have been waiting for another one. The funnest part of desert party's is the part when you have to keep it on the down low, and of course the adventure of following directions and finding it is fun too. But its so nice that us ravers can find interest in a bunch of land that other people find useless. Well that is just a few things I have to complain about the scene. Dont get me wrong. As much I wish things were the way they used to be, I'll never stop raving. The only thing that keeps me comming back, is that I know someone will do something, to make things back the way they were. All I have to say, for the oldschool: Don't leave the scene, don't think you are better then everyone just because you've been raving longer. Instead teach the new kids what its really about. If you loose your vibe, then the scene will die. For the new kids: raving is not something that you go to so you can get messed up, then go to school the next day and brag about how much fun you had. Raving is something we always wanted to keep on the down low. Its our scene. It does not belong to anyone else. Otherwise, we just might as well start television commercials for the raves. and for the Dj's: keep up the energy, keep playing those phatty beats, don't loose faith in yourself. You rock. You are the reason why raves happen. and for the Promoters: Don't be so scared to take risk, I mean its so easy to just rent out the Nile and have just another party to make money. But are you just making money, or are you making us happy? Your just making money. Take the chance into throwing another desert party. Something small, something simple, yet a place were we can bring our own backpacks, go to our car without having to pay 20 dollars again to get back in. Because, we are Arizona, and we do have beautiful deserts. Lets use them. Well now, I'm out. Peace