If you took away the music, there would be no rave. If you took away the dancing, there would be no rave. And whether you like to admit it or not, if you took away the drugs, there would be no rave." However, without the drugs at least we'd still have ravers instead of corpses. I'm sick of people writing off drugs as a necessity! Raves were invented as a place for people to go and have fun in a safe enviroment, not in a drug enviroment. I believe truelly in PLUR and I feel connected to every person I see at a party. That's why it saddens me to see so many ravers on drugs. Going to a rave is a way of escaping reality, it is a drug alone. If you still feel the need to do drugs when you're at a party then expect others to treat you like a drug user. I have been raving for 7 years and NOT ONCE have I done drugs in those 7 years. I have several friends who don't do drugs and go to parties. I have thrown underground drug free parties and I'd say only 5% of the people were on drugs, compared to the 85% at other parties, and EVERYONE HAD A GREAT TIME! Drugs are NOT the key to raving. The music, dancing, people and the plur are the only true things that make a rave what it is. If you need drugs to convince you that you are at a rave then you don't understand raves at all.