I have only been around the rave scene in AZ for a year now. In the last year, I have seen a huge change in the scene, and it has definalty been for the worse. I was at FutureLife 2001 at the Crowbar. I thought this was the worst party I have ever been to. 1st of all, they packed so many people into that tiny club that you could not even walk, let alone dance. Plus, from what I could tell, hardly anybody was there to dance and enjoy the music. Everyone was there to do drugs. I actually heard some kid yell, "What kind of party is this?! There are not even any drugs here." If you can't go to a party and have fun without doing drugs, maybe you shouldn't be there. The last couple of parties I have been to have made me want to stop going. I really hope that this changes in the future! It is our scence, we have to be the ones to change it.