I have a a long list of reasons the party at the Crowbar(Futurelife 2001) sucked. I'd like to say that Aphrodite is a badass(his set at freedom was divine), and Jon Bishop is no slouch either, but unfortunatly it was really hard to enjoy them over the cracking and popping in the sound system. Aphrodite is a drum and BASS! dj. I want bass in my drum and bass, so much bass my rectum vibrates(memories of Mothership) Come on DTS you'd think at $25 a head at over 1500 ppl you could afford to bring in a sound system that didn't suck ass. Also one might say that it was a little packed. If there had been a fire, you would have 1500 crispy little trampled ravers. Needless to say for the first 4 hours of the party you couldn't really dance. I almost got killed going from one room to another. The only place with room to breath was out back and there was no music. And the drug thing, That girl that sold me the fake pill owes me, im not happy with her. And to top it off i got robbed by some little crack fiend walking out to my truck, he can have four dollars it aint worth it.

On the positive side, aphrodite and bishop were still good, if you listen through the 60hz line noise buzzing out the speaker. And mad props to Dj Wonder for and phat set, and also whoever that really big black guy over in the backroom spinning that funky tribal shit, i was feeling it.

i think that artical was great cuz that is the same thing that happened to me altho i am younger........Jon i wish you good luck.....

magchie...aka froggie....