< insert dramatic sigh > Well, kids, it seems as if my suspicion to the nature of this new forum was startlingly well placed... It is as if all any of you care to speak of is how the scene is dying or play "holier than thou" against all those damned druggies crowding up your beloved dance floors... Consider this, o raver nation, and I believe someone touched on it earlier... Rather than bitch about what is wrong with the scene, why not rather use oppurtunities such as this site and others like it to voice concern over that which can be fixed... Namely, as ravers, we must put aside our differences of opinion as to what constitutes a rave, what we like to do at a rave, ect. and focus on more important issues... For example, the space you spent going on and on about how the lack of drugs made Futurelife horrible, which it did by the way, could have been better spent coming up with a way to get rid of such abombinations as the above mentioned anti-rave law that is killing our desert parties... Understand that this is not meant to chide or attack any of you personally... As ravers, we need to unite against those that would threaten what we hold so dear... Ever hear of the concept of "divide and conquer"? We are dividing ourselves and in doing so condemning ourselves to, at very best, a brief counter-culture phenomena... What we have here is so beautiful as to be beyond compare... We must unite under some common banner before there is nothing left to bitch about... Keep that in mind next time you decide to fire off a post about how some E-tard ruined one of your many parties... Consider my words and their implications next time you extoll upon the death of the scene... Ask yourself what it is you love, and what you would give to protect it... Know that no matter what, I love each and every one of you faceless ravers and that without you, individually, the scene wouldn't be possible...

Jonathan Rapisarda