My wife and I have been going to parties for a few years now. When we first started going (and she was still just my girlfriend) it'd be a party every couple weeks. Now we maybe go to one every couple months or so. It didn't consume our lives and it sort of got put in it's place as our responsibilities have grown (homeownership/etc). We still get geeked up when a good massive is thrown (Acid Reign :) and haven't lost the excitement of raving. Yeah, things appear different to us now than it did in the beginning, but I'm not sure the "scene" has changed so much as we have changed. I mean shit, we've grown up. That doesn't mean the party stops, it just means it was moved to the back burner. Here are a few things that haven't changed for us... we still dig the music, we still dig the people, and we still dig the vibe (the BIGGER the BETTER). Hope to see you all @ Acid Reign IV. Be safe and take care.

Danny and Janelle Miller.