i went to my first rave about a year ago. i had a few friends that went to raves before, and they told me that it was the most accepting environment that you could ever be in, it didn't matter how you looked, or if you knew how to dance, there would just be a room full of friends that loved you for being yourself, and you would always be welcome. so by the time i went to my first rave i thought that it would be one of those moments that would change my life and i would never be the same again. i thought that i would meet all these wonderful people and just have the coolest friends in the world, i thought that i would no longer have to put of fronts to protect myself, i would just be accepted for being me. this is why i went to my first rave, but i have gone to countless raves and i have never had the oppertunity to meet all these friends and to be myself and be accepted by all these cool people. i love ravers, i love everything about them, ravers don't care where you come from they don't see any of the negative things that you see in yourself, you tell a group of ravers that you don't think you look nice, and you will the a group of people that tell you you're the most beautiful person in the world. with all these things that i was hoping for from the rave community, i was heartbroken when i went to rave, after rave, after rave hoping that i would feel like i finally belonged to something, i have been raving for over a year and i still feel like someone standing on the outside looking in on something amazing and never having the chance to belong to it. i am the strongest believer in p.l.u.r. i just hope that some of the new kids coming into the scene will understand what it's about and stop putting up the fronts that are making the scene look bad.