We dance for hours with joy filling our surrounding enviornment. We bring joy to everyone around us. We are not out to hurt anyone or to cause problems, we just let our body flow and monve along with the music.

We bring life to places which are no longer of use to anyone anymore. your rules that you try to put on us should not be allowed to exist. We watch out for everyone at the event, if someone is having a bad night we bring love to that individual and lift his or her spirits at least for that night. People are ususally afraid of what they do not understand and they usually try to get rid of it instead of trying to understand it and this is what the authorities and other people try to accomplish...they want to get rid of the raves any way possible. Even if you are not a raver,even if you have never even been to a rave try to understand where i'm coming from.

Even though there are drugs at raves people that don't do drugs still go and are not shunned for it. If someone is "different" from other people they are not shunned. You are not shunned for any reason but you are loved for every reason.

People in and out of the rave scene should understand PLUR,it will help people live healthier lives, but most people have never even heard of it. Let's show PLUR on a daily basis in every way possible. Hug someone new today. Everyone needs affection not just ravers it's just that ravers tend to show it as much as possible and with a hug we do not ask for anything in return accept maybe a hug or a smile back. So maybe if the people that want to shut our events down and make them illegal understood what goes on at our events and didn't look at just what the media portrays raves as they would stop trying to shut them down.

I hope at least one person gets something possitive out of this and if you knew nothing about the rave scene or heard only the negativity I hope this changed your perspective at least just a little bit or at least gave you a chance to look at another side of the scene. PLUR and tons of love goes out to everyone!!! and remember kids..."Don't look for a good vibe...Create one!!"