I have to admit the "cuddle puddles", especially the ones at Acid Reign 4, can be pretty annoying. But the thing to keep in mind is that people get tired and worn out, and need a place to rest. I don't think the problem is too many people getting so messed up on mass quantities of drugs...I mean I am usually more tired when I go to a parte sober than on E. The problem lies in the promoters. They are so concerned with packing as many people as possible into the set aside space, which in turn puts more money in their pockets. They neglect, or simply ignore, the fact that even the most fit need rest. I have yet in 5-6 months been to a parte where there was a chill room (unless you were a VIP). The promoters need to start setting aside space at the venues where people can sit, relax, and talk without having to scream 1 inch away from their friend's ear; a place where they can be out of the way of those who want to dance. Part of the fun I have at a rave is socializing with new people...its what helps to bring the scene closer. Raves are social gatherings, not just dance-offs, and you cannot honestly expect all 2,000 people there to want to dance for all 8 hrs of the parte. We need a place to catch our breath, and the promoters need to address that need.