Well, it seems alot of people are either saddened or angry at how the scene is 'changing.' I wish to pose this question to everyone: Why don't you do something about it? If you decide to bring a friend to their first rave, tell them what its really about. Not the drugs, but the music and the people. People say that plur is gone, or disappearing, or whatever, and I think that people just don't know where to look. Maybe part of it is even our fault for not explaining exactly what raving is, or even where it came from when we bring someone new into the circle. I'll be the first to admit that drugs are part of the scene, and I believe that they really can help people, but not if they get to attached to the feeling. Some people I know feel that they can't even have fun at a party without any sort of drugs and that saddens me greatly.

There are LOTS of sober ravers, or at least ravers who go to every other party sober. I can get virtually the same psychological effect going to a party sober as not. While drugs may have helped at first, eventually you learn that the drugs are just one means to the end, and that there are so many alternatives. You really don't need drugs to have fun at a party, and I think that's the message that many of us have forgotten to teach 'newer' ravers, something I have been guilty of as well. So, maybe its not just their fault that they throw a fit if they can't find any drugs at a party...

I went to Aurora a few weeks ago and found the vibe there to be PERFECT. Everyone there was happy just to be there with everyone else, enjoying the music and each others company. There were drugs there, but not nearly as many as at other parties. Most people I talked to were completely sober, and having a wonderful time. The only problem with Aurora was that it had to be moved so alot of people had no clue where it was. Because of that low turnout, the promoters really lost some money, but if you talked to them about it, they'd just shrug it off and ask if you were having a good time. That kind of attitude is still prevalent in the raving community and I hope everyone has a chance to experience it. I've been raving for about a year now, but I had never experienced anything like that party... maybe that's what people miss. Anyway, I hope my ramblings made sense to some of you, and I hope you all feel free to email me any comments you may have. PLUR!

-Scott "Cajun"