I'm an Arizona girl, I partied for 4 years there. I just moved to Michigan in November of 2000 and went to my first Detroit party February 3. Let me tell you, the kids here are REALLY about the music! There is no candy, there is no Nautica, Polo, designer clothing cliques, there were very few people on E or anything elese. They were there for the music. They created the best vibe I've ever experienced. And in a FREEZING old slaughter house. I always had fun at AZ parties. I never knew what I was missing! Any "true ravers" out there should consider it thier duty to come to the Detroit Electronic Music Festival May 26-28 and learn how it's really supposed to be!

You can email me at jenniferdawn1212@go.com for more info! :)

P.S. other than the parties MI sucks and I miss my AZ sun!!!