Everybody shutup. You can't smile with your mouths yapping up and down like that. and dance dammit, if you can't dance then fake it. Sooner or later you'll get so good at faking like your dancing it'll actually look like you dancing. Shit, before you know it you'll actually be dancing. I said shutup, i don't give a damn who you know. If you get to tired to dance it's probably cuz thats your 8th smoke in 15 minutes, and no i won't bum you a cigarette. I refuse to help you kill yourself....oh ok you can have a cigarette, but its the last one im giving you, now go dance. and you, get your goddamn head out of the speaker, how the hell are you supposed to enjoy the music if you go deaf before you can legally drink. Do I want a backrub? sure, go for it. Am i rolling? no.....what no backrub? I wasn't aware that drug usage was a preliminary requirement for backrubs. didn't want a backrub anyways. Yes, im still smiling. Why?, cuz i can, it requires less energy than frowning, not to mention im not even sure what a frown looks like on a person. What? Im an asshole? The only reason anyone would consider me an asshole is if they took me seriously. Word to the wise. don't take me seriously. Take me to Disneyland, take me to Vegas, take me to bed. Just don't take me seriously. It wouldn't be fair, i don't take you seriously. The only thing i'm taking seriously right now is the two pieces of wax on the tables and the mixer beneath my fingers. This party cannot survive without the hard house sound. now dance damnit, and don't make me tell you twice. There you go, your getting it, up with the smile, keep it up and you might even develop a sense of rythm. i just dropped a break, you have about 45 seconds to breath before a drop a climax so big you'll be dancing in the parking lot at Dennys tomorrow morning.

Ok while im talking i might as well explain a thing or two. actually just one. Why do i rave? if thats actually a verb, if its not it is now. I live in search of that elusive moment when everything stops. Every face you see is beautiful. That one moment that lasts forever. That one perfect moment. Because its those moments that shape the soul. When the vibe is right this moment can set of a chain reaction of similiar moments, a nuclear fission of mental clarity, when all things come together. In this manner whole paradigmns of reason can be shattered, prejudices broken, and lives changes in an instant of time.