Well hmmm, as every society has its violence and corruption. We've got ours. Which is kewl in a way cause we gots posscibilities of being something more then jus' a bunch of kids on all these drugs. When I first went to pawties, I never heard a word spoken of drugs. I'll I saw was a place where lost souls could find a home, instead of leading the same boring life as everyone else. Which is kewl in itself cause some people don't ever find a thing that they love. The drugs are a part of the rave culture. The drugs aren't the rave culture, but it is surely part of it.

There are so many part of our culture, and that prob. the main reason you see us on the news. We are so phuckn mainstream. But you know phuck it all the yuppies will go home to there mommies and daddies while the others still stick it out. We can make the rave culture into anything we want it to be. So why don't we, cause everyone does the same bullshit that I am doin' at this very moment. Saying we should do something about it instead of talking about it. And then you really get to thinking and you wonder what you can do.

I've thought of this forever. With all the people in the rave scene. From the army to the hackers. Every type of person. Our culture is International. That power is infinite. If you took all the raver of the world and mass them together. God damn.

Well whatevea' think or don't think about it, lates*

Peace everyone out there. Keep chilln'. And don't take any shit, and stick it out.