Ok my friend came up with an idea and I highly doubt it will happen but it will be kind of neat to see what everyone comes up with and if at least a couple people participate I think this will be really interesting. Ok here's the idea we came up with: We want to make a club/or a wharehouse JUST FOR RAVES!!!! But we were thinking of how we could make it like no other out there and here's what we've come up with so far: It would be 3 levels and each level would have rooms all over and each room would be set up to meet everyone's needs and if it doesn't meet everyone's needs than let me know and we'll see what we can do but there would be a couple rooms devoted to kids that are rolling like the walls would be soft there would be FREE water and FREE pacifires, there would be big soft couches and chairs and like I said there would be a couple rooms like this so one room like that might have trance and another rolling room might have happy hardcore or jungle.

There would be a couple more rooms for people that would be devoted to people that are tripping the celing would be like a moving ocean and once again we would hand out FREE water in the room and FREE fry toys and also once again there would be a couple different rooms to chooes from with different kinds of music.

We would also have the main room downstairs with some great decorations (let me know what you guys would want for decorations!!!)

We would also have different themes each Friday and Saturday night!! We're not sure if we would have security yet or not I don't know...if we did have security they wouldn't be like Nile Security!! They wouldn't pat people down so basically there only purpose would be to watch over the kids and make sure no one was in danger of oding or anything like that.

This club would be an ALL AGES club and no bar (sorry for the people that like to drink but with an all ages club no alcohol and alcohol is bad anyway!!!)

The club would open at 8:00 and go until 6:00 and everyone working the club would be ravers and the club would be for ravers by ravers!!!! Oh did I mention it would only cost $5.00 to get in ALL NIGHT!!!!

Well if anyone has anymore input on this please let me know...this probaly won't happen but it will be fun to see what other kinds of things people come up with. So either e-mail me: pal2be@hotmail.com or just leave a message on here for me and let me know your thoughts on this.


Good ide... just one problem... drugs are still illegal. All cops have to do is catch one person with drugs on this premises and they can take the entire building from you and auction it off and keep the money and all the lawyers in the world can't help you, specially if the kid is underage.