This is a pretty good little board here. I am NG (nice guy) some of you may have met me. i go around raves and talk to mad peeps and i love dancing. i've been into ravers and rave culture for 5 years and i moved to AZ a month ago and MUSIC MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND VOL 2 was my first party. since then i have been to quite a few one every weekend after that and it is march now. but i've been reading these articles and i understand what some of you are saying. i think cuddle puddles are annoying i think the promoters around here are greedy which can be seen at Musik. but i must admit after most of the peeps cleared around 4:00 it was like a whole new party. a real party. anyways. maybe you see me around at a party. PLUR

Derin Alade