Well i consider myself old skool since i've been into the scene and spent most of my time talkin to ravers online. trust me if you met me before i went to a "real" rave/party "music makes the world go round vol 2" you would have thought i was a kid that partied every weekend. but no i just learned and got prepared. and then i got in and trust me i got mad friends. i talk to dj's and i am going to mc for dj ruxpin (when i can get to tucson). but i understand when you say we should not worry about newbies and this and that. well if all the newbies and peeps who don't care about the beats keep goin one of the things that will change. is our raves will turn into a newer club scene which it kinda is already doin that. however clubs don't happen in the desert, which is why i love desert parties. and i have talked to some of you peeps while i was in VA and TX. if you guys chat in yahoochat i go by TECHNOJUNKIE33 or candykids.net i went by TECHKID but that chat is dead nowadays. but yeah. not sayin you gotta be oldskool to party but when i go to party and ask a newbie looking kid and ask them what is their favorite style of techno and they blatantly say i don't really listen to this kind of music........but i'm rolling. yuck. let them start from somewhere. that is not the place to start. i have rolled before. but the 5 years before i said no i won't roll till i'm at a rave. i went to my first rave here sober no doubt. respect. i rolled at one and was like yeah cool. but it isn't bad but not something i would like to get tied into i see the way some of my friends act. especially at after parties the way some of my friends lurk around looking for females. almost kind of scary makes me think they could do some uncool stuff to someone if the other person is in a state of mind where they can be taken advantage of. i don't know. it is just weird. this post is kinda scattered but that is the way i think. someone who reads this email me. i really am lookin forward to meeting new peeps. i've already met like 8 that i talked to online first. anyways PLUR

Derin Alade
NG (Nice Guy)