As the Christians of the earth believe in the final judgment of mankind, so Do I believe in the Judgment Day of the underground. I believe there will come a day when each and every raver of the earth shall face their judgment. Before entering the Golden Gates of Euphoria, each and every raver shall fall to their knees in fear and awe of the uniting Force that is Music.

And the music will ask...
My child did you know me?
Or did you mockingly just recite my lyrics?
And the music will ask...
My child did you dance?
Or were you still as if heavy stones were in your shoes...thus not grooving?
And the music will ask...
My child were you faithful?
Or were you easily swayed into the mainstream river of sin?
And the Music will ask...
My Child did you support your DJ's whom I sent to show you the way?
Or did you bash their playing with an unclean tongue?
And the music will ask...
My child did your heart pound to my beat?
Or was it slowed by the hate that taints the scene?
And the music will ask...
My child did you use the drugs to uplift me?
Or did you abuse them to the point where you were motionless?
And lastly my child did you love your family as if by blood?
Or did you drown in the drama and cause hurt to your scene?

And the raver shall answer all of the above honestly for the music knows the truth.

And if the answers are the good of the two the golden gates will open and the eyes will be delighted at the sight of an enormous city with not walls made of stone but towering speakers larger than mountains encrusted with Gold and rubies and emeralds, and pounding with a number of watts unthinkable to man. And the dance floors are so inviting as they are made of pearl and call to your feet, and the sound is Crystal clear as it never stops.

This party never ends as it's attendants never grow tired, and their thirsts are quenched by a cold sparkling river who's water runs free and untainted, and the glowsticks never die as the night sky is always dark with thousands of silver stars and no sun will rise to cancel it in all it's glory. And the DJ's all wear halos as they bring the music which brings the vibe that fills each raver with peace and love and respect for one another, for those are the elements that make this party eternal.

And all those who fall short of the glory of the music will be sentenced to the world where the music will no longer be heard and the people will no longer dance.