Its kinda horrible if you hear about the way the scene is all the way in Japan. I live all the way out here in a city in japan and i still have to hear about how people think the scene is only about drugs. yeah there are drugs at parties. so what...there are drugs being sold at malls and department stores all over the place. people need to loosen up some and realise that if your not doing the drugs...dont worry about it. you dont have any problems. come on now people...learn how to have fun and not worry about the down fall of the scene. mann...i would do anything just to go to a PHAT party, but im stuck across the globe. maybe if the scene does have a down fall... then maybe parties will be underground again. and everybody who bitches about the little candy ravers and e-tards...wont have to worry any more. but remember...if there werent any drugs...there would be less people at massives and everyother party. dont get me wrong or anything, i'm not for the selling of drugs at parties...i just think it helps a little. just learn how to have fun. you never know...maybe there will be a law banning parties forever and then all the ravers who bitched about drug use wouldnt even care any more...they would just want to go to another party and dance. well...PEACE out AZ and hopefuly the scene gets better:)