sad sad school is now outlawing Kandy....because it's "drug related" my little wrist feel naked without it....shall i stand up for myself, and say fuck off nazi's i'll wear whatever i want!!! or take it straight up the ass??

RE: Sad sad story.... So they are taking away your right to wear Kandy... Well, you should refer them to the article on MSNBC.COM entitled "Is The Party Over?"... In this article it says that Water Bottles or drug related.. Here is the quote from that very article... "There's also what the prosecution deems "drug paraphernalia"-pacifiers, fluorescent glow sticks, water bottles" So when you get called into the office because you are wearing your Kandy... Those little pieces of plastic... Gleam over at that Water Bottle sitting on the desk... And ask "Are you a little dehytdrated today?" And then remind whomever is behind that desk that if you have to take plastic jewelry off of your body then the kid in the lunch line needs to take his Metallica shirt off... And the kid next to him needs to take his Tupac shirt off... And better yet.... That person behind that desk.. Needs to take their Rolling Stones shirt off.. We may have drugs at Raves... But what did they have at Woodstock??? What do they have at any... And I mean any Concert today??? Go to a Rolling Stones concert or a Dave Matthews concert and tell me no one is doing drugs here.... They can not stop our partys.. A Rave is just a concert... We have a stage with a performer and a croud listening to them perform... I am sorry I strayed from the Kandy topic.. So wear your Kandy... And when they say anything point out everything you can that is drug related... And tell them after they censor the whole school then you will take your Kandy off... Don't let them discriminate against you... If you have to take your drug related material off so shoudl everyone else... I am out...

Michael Zak

I have been going to parties for almost three years and about a year ago, a little less, I just didn't have fun the way I used to. And I don't think that the scene has changed just the people who were introduced to it! They don't know what it's all about becuase someone just handed them a pill and said 'RAVE'. I myself do drugs, but I do the resepctively. Music is the key, remember or learn.