Check this!!!

All you disco bunnies should get out to Australia and check out the bad ass parties that go on here.....sure form time to time there are still tossers trying to shut them down....but would think the law is put in place to stop people haveing fun....fuck that, dont give in......after alll they cant be everywhere at once......and shit, you know te majority of people still hammer copious amounts of drugs....and they are kind of illegal!!! so i guess we cant blame the police can we????? Anyway fuck the dodgy parties and come to the Adventjah in BRISBANE Australia Dec3rd if you like raves, then this is your GOD no shit....and knowbody shuts this puppy down....By the way whoever thinks the rave scene is "dying" what can i just need to get to OZ!!!! Cheerzzz and hey, keep smiling and getting down to fat beats....drugs or no drugs we rave because pubs SUCKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!