I think that the media should fucking leave raves alone. They only focus on the bad sides and never promote the reason that most people go. To feel peace, love, unity and respect. Raves may involve drugs, but it involves so much more. There's music, fashion, people, and so many more things. Proproganda has been created to scare our parents and people so we can't enjoy what we want just because it involves a "different" part of society. But what the fuck is society anyway? It's something that we all live in, but we want to live in a society that promotes the things that we all enjoy, so we don't have to feel like a poser or a fake. Raves aren't about that, there are about Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. And I'm not saying drugs are bad either, I love them. I just don't believe in doing them wrong and creating a bad name for them so that it's harder to enjoy them.