I'm sorry to inform everyone but I was at one of Eternities parties Friday night and it was the worst party i've ever been to and i've been going to parties for about 7 years now. It took us 3 hours to find the party that was partly our fault because I don't know my way around Arizona that good yet but once we were around the the area of the party it said to look for the Eternity sign and the only eternity sign they had was the one on the building. There were only about 10 people standing outside just hanging out and when we got inside the party there were only about a dozen kids there and there were 3 people dancing when in the first room. In the back room there were only about 4 people in there and two of the kids couldn't even stand up because they were so messed up on whatever it is that they took. One kid was passed out under a table and the rest of the kids were just sitting in the chairs. The lighting sucked. The DJ's tried there best to get more people dancing but it just wasn't happening. It just goes to show that people are going for the drugs and it's sad. We only stayed for about 10 minutes and left because the party was horrible. I don't want to cut down Eternity but come on guys you really should work on throwing better parties in the future.

Peace to all the party kids out there!!
you can e-mail me with any comments you may have about this party if you went or not.