i have a question.. does the moderator of this board want to throw a living art rave..??? seems like enough people on here know what a rave should be about.. i think the arizona scene needs a positive boost something that would make everyone forget sammy the bull.. and forget dateline and all the jocks who go to party's. i believe the promotors need to give back to their scene.. the scene that has made them so rich..here's my idea our scene needs this .. a organized party uniting arizona's ravers promotors dj's etc.. a huge thank you party...dj's bring your vinyl promotr's bring your fliers and your lighting and sound.. dont charge some outrageous price for the party...the ravers bring smiles and agood vibe.. its time for us to give back to the scene what we have taken.. and that is the fun.. remember its supposed to be a party not a business.. and i am fully aware of the costs of a good party.. but if the cause is good enough im sure we could get hooked up. think about it....... thank az rave scene party.. a low cost awesome vibe event..together not as 10 diferent party's going on in the same night.,,

I've thought about it. But, I decided to leave the job to those who have actual experience in this. Maybe when I have enough money to burn, I'll do something cool. I do like the idea of a "collective" party a lot and I hope any promoters who read this will get with their counterparts and do such an event. I'm sure I'll be there with my camera to capture the vibe for everyone:)