For the longest time I've wanted to express my passion for music and didn't know how. Well while listening to the music I decided to write down exacly how I felt and this is what I came up with I hope everyone enjoys it.

Music... What a way for expression!

Who would have thought that a strum of a guitar, or a beat of a drum,a harmonic sound of trance,or the fast beat of happy hardcore,the twang of country, the harsh screaming of anger from rock, the grooveness of house,the soul of jazz, the mood of blues, and the poetry of rap and hip-hop could set so many moods and create such an atmosphere? The glory of this artful expression known as music the way it tosses mood around is it's not just one person's music and no one knows who created it, it's just one of those componints to life which brings people together for good or bad, through sadness, for love, there are so many reasons for music it's just impossible to keep yourself from it. Animals have music, have you ever listened to a bird sing? He has such a big audience and he spreads his music to people by flying all over and spreading his passion for music throughout the trees and wherever he lands. Just watch people dance to the music that sets them free and really,really try to understand them as they dance, watch the way they move. People put their heart and souls into dancing and just FEELING the music, there is a certain energy which is created from people dancing. I go by the famouse quote " when you are dancing, dance as if no one is watching". Music is a culture of it's own and it is a culture which cannot become extinct, which knows no boundaries, no hate, also no joy, music is always good at what it does, it sets a mood. You can have all the lights, the biggest stage, the most expensive graphics, the best props but that's all they are is lights, a stage and props until you put music behind all that and than you can have anything you want to have and you are free to let the art out and to create. Music, what a way of life! I give anyone tons of love and respect to anyone who has the passion and the desire to create music. Music is my passion and although I do not create it I live for it and strive on it. The DJ's out there keep doing what your doing and giving us the beats which we can't get enough of! Thank you for letting me be free and dancing my soul away and for all of you musicians who keep the music coming.

Thank you!!!!