The AZ scene has been majorly fucked up recently. The main reason is that it has become too prevalent. Everyone in AZ knows about raves now, but most people who don't rave only know that it's a place young people go and do drugs at. That's what the cops know, and that's why the cops are everywhere (especially the desert) fucking up people's plans and making it harder for people to have fun. I'm getting tired of people whining about the "drug problem". People need to just admit that the drugs fuel raves, and for proof I have 2 raves as examples. First of all, there was Funktion, a rave at the Icehouse in November. There was a LOT of E there, but it was FUN! and the vibe was GOOD! and all I felt when I was at Funktion was PLUR. I did see the e-puddles, but people weren't sitting there dying, or having sex in front of everyone, they were just hugging and loving each other! people were grabbing my hand and hugging me left and right. Funktion was TIGHT! Now, let's talk about Golden. It was supposed to be in the desert, it was supposed to have a huge pyramid, and it was supposed to be tight, but unfortunately, this is 2001, not 1999. First of all, you had the routine move-it-to-the-city-cuz-the-promoters-didn't-have-the-right-permit bullshit, and then you had it at The Nile, with those Nazi ass signs talking about "IF YOU ARE CAUGHT WITH ANY DRUGS......" and there weren't a lot of drugs in there. and you know what? People were standing up against the wall and they were bitching. I fucking hate it when parties end up like that. It' so sad. The worst thing that's happening now is ravers are blaming each other by saying that Arizona ravers are too dependent on drugs. That's not the problem. The real problem is the ignorance that people who are on the outside of the parties practice. I know some people like the cops cracking down on parties, because it makes them more underground, but underground can mean a decline in the quality of music, and the general vibe. Kids are too used to massives with lots of drugs, and when they end up in small parties that are dry, they just start to bitch and fuel pestimistic thinking. I don't know about everybody else, but I'd much rather be at a party with people who are on one and loving and happy than at a party where people are all sober and pissed off standing against the fucking WALL!