I've been dj-ing to rave/club events in Phoenix, since 1993. some of you know me as DJ Essential. I perssonally took some time off to produce deep house, tech house, afro latin house, downtempo, and 2-Step/ Garage as Universoul/ Liberacion/ Rump Shakerz (with awesome dj/producer Saint). we set up our Urbanite Recordings label in 2000. Then 2 tracks were picked up on Poji and Yoruba Records,. we have new material, that will probably be released on BBE Recors (a big jazzy house/ underground hip hp label from the UK).

What I'm getting at. How can two Phoenix DJ's, who have done so much for the early rave/ house music scene here, ut not get booked regularly. We have got many gigs outside of Phoenix recently, but what' up. We aren't charging to much. I personally will do a local club for $200-250, and Rave for only $300-$350. Out of town, i'm getting 400- 500 a gig for raves. Why is that so? Is it because all rave/ Club promters are all a scam in Phx? Are they afraid of getting too soo deep & soulful? Or are they blacklisting DJ's or their stupid little political games, because of petty differences. Please write my back, and discuss your views. I'm interested. Most of you might know that I currently spin a mixture of deep house, afro/latin, funky house, 2-step/garage, and tech house.

Soon, to start a new monthly Friday night @ Sake's in Tempe called iSoul-Phusion! Starting the first Friday on August!

I now have 2 websites:





Rick Martinez (DJ EssentiaL)