I realize that drugs are a big part of the "scene", but the thing is, is that people are forgetting that drugs are not all it's about. It's about the music in your soul, it's about dancing your heart out, it's about being somewhere so you can be yourself, and not have to worry about people talking shit about you or disrespecting you, it's supposed to be a safe place for us to go to show our appreciation for music, and show respect for everyone, and even though I've been raving for a while now, and I heard about PLUR a very long time ago, it's supposed to be about peace, love, unity, and respect, of others, of music, of yourself. So what's the problem? Well, in my opinion, I mean obviously people are going to do drugs, but the fact that people are going to raves now that have NEVER gone sober to a party, and won't give it a chance sickens me. The fact that I can't dance without tripping over a huge e-puddle in the middle of the dance floor,and then having people talk shit to me for falling over them. The fact that people are realizing "what a cool place this is to do E", and going for that reason alone. The fact that raves have become so mainstream that you can go to a gas station and find flyers (not that it's bad that the scene is expanding, but that people don't understand what it's about). The fact that no one can get a damn virgin venue, or anywhere besides the Nile and the Icehouse. And basically just the fact that no one appreciates the art of music, and dancing, and respect anymore. The fact that I used to feel safe, and now I don't.