I don't know if anyone on the board here goes to www.dancesafe.org or not but I think you should really check the website out because something must be done about what happened. I'm on dancesafe's mailing adress and I got something sent to me that really made me mad. Dancesafe heald a rave and it was raided the police had a helicopter there,dogs,and tons of other oficers and they were searching EVERYONE at the party. This needs to stop and i'm thinking about writing to one of the talk shows about what happened. I would like some support in the matter because I want to get the message out there that raves are not this big drug party or a place for underage kids to get messed up at. The article that is on dancesafe had a lot more to say so PLEASE read it and help me get the message out there to police,parents and whoever eles that our scene is NOT just about drugs and to let them know that our scene is gettig a bad name.

PLEASE e-mail me with any help anyone can provide.