I have been raving for a year now and on New Year's I went to Crowbar and the Nile. First, I hung out at Crowbar for a few hours. And I wasn't on anything. It seemed pretty cool to me, untill I passed out and got extremely cold. It was too crowded!! So I went outside to get some fresh air and I hear these 2 guys talkin about how The Nile is going down and the rave scene along with it! Then, my friends and I went to the Nile to see how that scene was goin...the vibe wasn't there at all...everyone seemed as if they did a little too much drugs and couldn't handle themselves to dance or socialize. I think if you roll every few parties, yeah its cool. But don't do so much you're stuck in a dream for the next month or two and can't hardly concentrate on school or your homelife. That's abuse. What I want to tell you all is, You make it how want. (hopefully you understand my point of view)

S*M*I*L*E =)~