This is long but it fills in alot of gaps. I am old AZ raver and I feel that everyone that has posted a comment has a point. You see our problem is not the drugs. Since I can remember the drugs have always been apart of the sceen. Even when most of the artists that now perform at raves had the same drugs and delt with alot of the same kind of bullshit that we now deal with. You see our major problem is that we(every raver) has been brought up the wrong way. It's just like raising a family, you do as you see and actions speak louder then words.

To be honest, I am really fed up to see all these kids at parties and when I say kids I mean 13-14 year old kids at parties sucking on a binky because their older brother/sister think its cool to see their little brother/sister rollin for the first time. Its not right! I feel that if you really want to introduce someone to a rave let them go sober the first time and let them make the decision if they want to continue to go. Let them see what other people look like on drugs. You also need wait until they are mentally ready to comprehend the concept of raves. Lets face it, the people that attend parties are getting younger and younger. Either that or are just attending them to do drugs. And that is our problem. If you can't name a producer of a song or tell the difference between the different genres of music the you really are there for the wrong reason. So to finish about that section try it with all the people that you take to parties and see what happends. Hey if they like it good then they can consider them selves a raver and if they don't like what people look like on drugs then that is even better because that would make a whole generation of ravers that will go for the right reason. It would be a chain reaction. If you really want to improve the sceen then do that and see how it turns out.

There is nothing wrong with making money from raves or doing drugs. Raves first started as undergrounds but you don't honestly think that they didn't charge. If you think that going back to underground will be better you are wrong. For the simple fact is that if you don't have permits the cops will be all over the place looking for underground parties and if they find it everyone who gets caught gets arrested. Do you want that to happen to your friends or family??? Production crews actually make it legit and in order for them to get the permits and Djs it costs money. So I don't want to hear anyone bitching about being charged to hear music. They are providing a service and therefor should be paid for their services.

The drugs in the sceen can't be stopped. There is nothing we can do about it. So let me get the point across that the more we do drugs at parties the more media attention we get. Doing the drugs is not bad its the fact is that we make so damn obvious. So lets try to make it a little more discreet and if you have take more then one pill and you have tolerence maybe you should not do it as much. So on that note I'm signing off.

Later kids and remember saty positive and party responsibly.

If you would like to comment to anything I said please feel free to e-mail me @ I actually enjoy reading peoples opinions.