The AZ rave scene should become more like Amsterdams. The whole world should be more like Amsterdam. The reason for this is that in Amsterdam, instead of security taking pills away from you, they test your pills at the door and tell you whats in it and exactly what it's gonna do to you. Noone would eat a pill if they knew it was gonna kill them...this would illiminate a lot of deaths. Also, since drugs are legal in Amsterdam people can talk more openly about them.. w/ their parents, relatives, etc.. and learn more about them before they do them. And if you get caught w/ drugs there......they don't send you to jail. Instead, they put you in rehab so you can better yourself. Most of the time, if you go to jail, it makes you worse when you get out. Amsterdam has lesser crimes and drug problems because of this. Anywayz... I miss the Arizona and can't wait to go back and visit. GEORGIA sux!

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